Google Fiber Cancels Expansions – The Know Tech News

By | 22nd July 2017
Google Fiber Cancels Expansions – The Know Tech News

Say goodbye to dreams of actually downloading and playing a game in under a day unless you’re already one of the chosen ones.

Google Fiber Blog Announcement:
Bloomberg Post:
Time Magazine Analysis:
TWC 2014 Upgrade Announcement:

Written By: Lawrence Sonntag
Hosted By: Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, Lawrence Sonntag, and James Willems.

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20 thoughts on “Google Fiber Cancels Expansions – The Know Tech News

  1. Khadra Bulbul

    Louisville got Fried chicken and fast Internet am dead

  2. Captain Churro

    Is it just me, or does anyone else notice his kittykatgaming shirt?

  3. ZuneGuy1118

    These guys sound so sad and jealous. I live in Louisville, have every tooth, why, because I brush and floss twice a day. We know what L.A. is full of, but I won't say because some people could be offended.

  4. Exil

    Maybe their plan was more global than what we know. We have telephone, cable tv and internet – all of which can be carried out with a single fiber (ip phone/net/tv box like europe model). Maybe their plan to take over all services hit a legal wall against the companies present and they are trying to fight it out, google meanwhile expanded youtube for youtube tv. I think for this special project, it's not canceled since they pushing hard in that direction.

  5. furydeath

    don't worry people like, me can't even get twc long google. fiber HA

  6. thunderstar1124

    Google Fiber probably won't be expanding until the Cleveland Browns win the Superbowl

  7. Winter Robot

    You guys can get 300mbps down WTF are you guys complaining about

  8. Patrick Star

    The majority of the United States, wifi runs off of Time Warner (Time warner & Charter).

  9. jacob dukes

    and here I am just trying to watch this video in 480p without it buffering

  10. Blazeee

    I wish that they could bring it to middlesex county and suffoulk county

  11. Meeker Extreme

    You almost need the Government to install the fiber and everyone can use it for a FEE, by everyone I mean companies to offer their service. Otherwise it's just a monopoly like your utility company.


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