The great tips to have a successful blog

By | 7th February 2017

Out of all the tips I’d want to list to create a successful blog, I’ve chosen the top 3 that CAN make a difference between one that’s mediocre and one that’s extraordinary. Here they are:

  • The number of views you get is important, but what you should care more about the number of followers returning to your blog. That’s why almost every successful blogger insists you to start building an email list. Long term rewards beat instant gratifications at any time or day.
  • Write the way you talk.
    A decent number of us (as much as we hate to admit) don’t have our own voice when we blog. And instead mimic others who are more successful in the hopes that our popularity would go off the roof. It won’t. Because no matter how hard you try, you can’t be the original. So why be second rate of somebody else when you can be first rate of you?
  • Engage with your readers
    A blog means nothing without readers. And it’s sad to see how many bloggers don’t respond back to reader’s comments. It’s like sitting in a room where everyone is staring at one person, only to find out that he/she is just browsing on their phone. Start a conversation. Make small talk. Compliment their personality. You’ll gain loyal ties, and with that comes more people willing to bond with someone who loves talking to people.
  • Amplify posts with information your audience will perceive as valuable
  • Include educational posts that have actionable tips
  • Use Influencers to growth-hack an editorial piece that has insights from multiple influencers in your space and then ask them to RT and amplify it and share it.
  • Write directly to your top 3 personas, that is, those segments of your audience who your content is more appreciated by
  • Growth-hack a social channel that shows good lead-gen to your blog or content platform even if it’s out of the box
  • Share content in multiple ways (writing, snippets, snacks, podcasts, video, micro video, etc…)
  • Optimize IMAGES in your blogs, so it’s scannable and catches the attention of your audience
  • Share and re-share your content on Twitter, you’ll add more value and your blog post won’t just be a spike but have multiple spikes
  • Re post your content on LinkedIn Pulse and as a Facebook Note, to reach different audiences 3 to 6 weeks after its originally published
  • Develop your personal brand, so your blog posts have channels for inbound lead gen
  • Link social media challenges to create a stronger brand that’s fun and shows variety
  • Hold contests and customer # events that are INTERACTIVE with your audience
  • Do video content that relates to your blog content to growth-hack a more mobile and visual audience (younger)
  • Do some controversial, surprising or blog posts that are “worth talking about”
  • Incorporate trending memes, News in your industry and throught leadership that’s cutting edge (real-time, fresh off the press, Op-eds)
  • Write quality and write often (don’t sacrifice one for the other)
  • Include multiple guest bloggers and freelancers into your blog, don’t try and be a superstar – this will add value to your blog.
  • Enjoy writing and don’t take breaks, be regular and consistent.
  • Show value in every post, NEVER offer more in the title than you can deliver in the blog post
  • Make headlines and embed lists within your blog posts, make it easy to read.
  • Dumb down the language, the best blogs perform at a lower reading average level
  • Delete the bottom 35% performing blog posts, so your blog content remains the best you are capable of producing (much like you would do with Instagram posts) – let the cream rise to the surface, don’t assume you know.
  • Once you have a following, experiment with user generated content and featuring the ideas, images and contributions of your audience to show gratitude
  • Don’t assume you know how to write, learn how to do storytelling that’s more than information, you are sharing an experience that’s valuable
  • Experiment with blog post forms, word counts, etc…. no cookie cutter posts please.
  • Do not use stock-images, they show you are not a serious blogger. Use high-res photography of your own, if you have to.

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