Hacker reveals the secret of Facebook

By | 30th July 2017
Hacker reveals the secret of Facebook

Hacker Italian, shows what is behind Facebook, and as a CIA agent can see your passwords is to read our private messages, Revealed the secret of Facebook.
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9 thoughts on “Hacker reveals the secret of Facebook

  1. jaggo84

    And I have to assume the same applies to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and virtually every registered site within the CIA's reach. Orwell was right, Big Brother is watching you…. better watch your thoughts…. 

  2. ahmad Maayah

    When he tipe his password looks the password is 12345678910

  3. Maarten Van Den Berg

    lol this is childs play compared to what snowden revealed… cool shit… but Im afraid this is just a tiny part of something much worse 


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