Hero turns villain as Malayalam actor Dileep lands in police net | Manorama News

By | 25th July 2017
Hero turns villain as Malayalam actor Dileep lands in police net  | Manorama News

Hero turns villain as Malayalam actor Dileep lands in police net

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19 thoughts on “Hero turns villain as Malayalam actor Dileep lands in police net | Manorama News


    policente ithuvareyulla ellaa veezhchakallum ini govmt.. nere varilla UNnithaan..ithupolicente maatram kayivaannenkil athu policente maatram kayivukedaannu…


    policente ithuvareyulla ellaa veezhchakallum ini govmt.. nere varilla UNnithaan..ithupolicente kayivaannenkil athu kazhivukedu.


    unnithaan cinemayil stree chaaritram valiya kaaryamonnumall enna thaankallude vaakku marannittilla


    unnithaane appol policeum govenrmentum thettiyo..enkil amma chaythapole police govm.. ne pirichu vido atho govt..poleecine pirichu vidoo..????

  5. Rajesh Velappan

    jagathiye accidentil peduthiyathum, kalabhavan maniye konnathum evan thane. samshayam undo aarkkenkilum?

  6. Jaisal Jaisal

    ആദ്യം കോണ്ഗ്രസ് പിരിച്ചു പിടുക.എന്ത് യോഗ്യത ആണ് ഉള്ളത് രാഷ്ട്രീയ കാർക്ക് ഇത്തരം ചർച്ചയിൽ അഭിപ്രായം പറയാൻ. മറക്കണ്ട സരിതയെയും ലക്ഷ്മി നായരെയും

  7. soumya0011

    the arrest is just a temporary matter! i dont know why everyone gets so emotional on this matter

  8. sindhu Nair

    Amma enna sangadana male actors ne mathram support cheyyunnu. Enthinu ee Oru sangadana? Innocent, Mukesh, Ganesh ellathineyum dismiss cheyyanum. Yuva tharangalku chance koduku.

  9. Iam Rajuettan Fan

    When Bollywood hunk Salman Khan went to jail in early 2000 for killing innocent pedestrians a lot of Indian megazines had criticised him and even major National media had said it's end for Salman and never he would come back , but still due to his money power he actually acquired bail and came back to the silverscreen and again became a heartthrob hero in Bwood.
    Now in the case of Dileep still there are a lot of speculations , the reason is pulsar suni's mismatch statement.
    He is actually a born criminal and kerala police still can't take his words into ear,a person like dileep has been involved in this case and for what reason did he do this no one knows it.He is the only actor in malayalam who really cares abt his costars
    Malayalam actor Cochin Haneefa's family lives bcoz of Dileep's money and none of the actors or actress's from M town doesnt even enquires abt his family.
    Actress KPAC Lalitha's family which stood on the verge of suicide bcoz of financial crisis -here to dileep came as an angel and just solved that family's all the problem,and again a lot of good things done him.
    So how could a Dileep that we all know got trapped in this case , is there any other big celebrities, Is there any politicians or actors from Sandalwood is involved in this case bcoz the attacked actress fiancee is a famous sandalwood producer and his first marriage partner was a famous Kannada actress daughter but suddenly he changed his mind and decided to marry Mtown queen. As the alleged actress mentioned in an interview that when suni entred the car he said it's a quataion gvn by madam. question:the madam which suni mentioned is it famous Kanada actress? and after attacking the actress Suni directly elapoed to Banglore question :Did he go to meet the Sandalwood actress in Banglore?
    Is ther any kind of Banglore mafia involved on this case bcoz few days before the attack of the actress Suni had visited Banglore and from there had went to goa for HoneyBee 2 shooting and sources say that his visit in Banglore was only for 2 days and he was mostly spotted on a place over which underworld has control .
    This were some kinds of evidences that Kerala police and media had raised earlier ly and after the involvement of certain political parties like BJP this clues were totaly erassed ,well this visit of suni to Banglore should also be solved.

  10. Positive Manifestation

    naanamille..unnithan sireeee…..athupole mattu pala congress , bjp politicians those who against the Kerala Government. Oru nalla karyam nadakumbol..ningalku angeekarikan enthanu preyaasam.


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