Hideman VPN Review: Should You Use This VPN Or Not?

By | 9th November 2016
There is some kind of restrictions in each and every country. Some of the websites are blocked. As a person, one needs to use those websites. At that time, there is no direct way to use such sites which are blocked in the country.

But Yes, there is one indirect way by which one can gain access to blocked websites. VPNcan be used to unblock partially unblock anything. So here comes the question what is VPN? Why should one use VPN?

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network is a network technology which is used to create secure network connection over a public network. This public network can be any network like the internet or the network of your service provider. There is wide usage of VPN. Many Corporations, educational institutions and some of the government agencies are using VPN.

Why should you Use VPN?

We are using the internet each day. We do the online transaction, online work, chatting and many other things with the help of internet. When we go online, there are high chances that your activities are being vulnerable for you. Someone may take your information and use it.

So the VPN provides you the security and encryption by which you can protect all your online activities like sending emails, online shopping or chatting, etc. With the help of VPN, you can keep your web browsing anonymous.

I am also one of those people who want to secure all transaction which I do every day. I was searching for the good VPN since few days to meet my requirements. After searching and trying some VPNs, I have come to the best VPN which is able to fulfill all my needs. So I have decided to write a complete review of that VPN here.

Yes, I am going to write a review of Hideman VPN which I have tried, and I am completely satisfied with its performance.

Hideman is the VPN created by Hideman Ltd. Which is the London based company and it was established in 2011. Hideman VPN is having its servers located in more than 22 countries, and this list is still growing…!!!

The best thing about Hideman VPN is the way it provides security, and you can do anything anonymously. All you need to establish the connection with one of the remote server. Once you are done with this part, all the traffic from your device will pass through the secure tunnel and the outside world can only see that traffic as it were located on the same network with the remote server.

Features of Hideman VPN

1. Encryption: There are different VPNs which are using only 128 bits encryption algorithms, but Hideman VPN uses 256 bits encryption. It supports Open VPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols.

2. Logging Policy: VPN is wastage of your money if they save all your login data. But Hideman VPN does not keep any of your browsing data with it. They keep your data for 14 days in the free version, but once the 14 days are gone, they delete that information.

3. Servers location: Hideman VPN has its servers in 22 countries. So you can use any of the servers anytime. With this feature, you will get more speed and fewer loads while browsing.

4. Support of Torrent: Yes, you heard it right. When you choose some countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Romania, etc. , you can use torrent.
5. Speed: Speed is the most important thing while browsing the internet. You can experience the very high speed with Hideman VPN as they have servers in 22 countries. You can use the full bandwidth in paid version.

6. Support: Support is the thing which differentiates Hideman VPN from other VPN providers. Their customer support is great. They provide support via Chat, Skyp, and Email.

Important Facts of HideMan VPN

  1. Hideman VPN has own apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Google Chrome extension.
  2. They have fully free apps for Android and iOS.
  3. Hideman VPN provides transparent access to deepweb sites ( TOR and I2P).
  4. They provide own DNS servers for better privacy.
  5. You can use Bitcoin also to buy their subscription packs which make it unique and different from other VPN service providers.
  6. They have special anti-dpi mode to bypass some government firewalls.

How to Download Hideman VPN?


Downloading Hideman VPN is the very easy process. You just need to click on below-given link and choose the appropriate version for your device.

download button

Pricing of Hideman VPN


There is a trial version available for Hideman VPN. You can use it before buying the paid version. You will get the trial version with some limited features, but for the testing purpose, you can use it.

In Paid Plans, there are two categories of plans which are offered by Hideman.

For all the platforms, there is plan called Ultimate, and for the mobile platform only there is a plan called Mobile. Just check the below image to know all the plans:

Final words

Hideman VPN is the best VPN in the market. The thing which I like the most about this VPN is that it gives the trial version for the testing purpose. The second best thing which I like about this VPN is that they do not keep any browsing data. The other feature of this VPN is also great. So what are you waiting for? Go and use the free version and test it. Then go for the paid version if you like the free version of it.

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