How to Build a Website with

By | 13th August 2017
How to Build a Website with

How to Build a Website with This video gives a step by step tutorial for building a high quality website using Specifically, this video shows how I built a lead generating “We buy houses” website for my business. Be sure to check out the 3000 word blog post that this video was placed in, which has much more detail surrounding the website creation process, at
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20 thoughts on “How to Build a Website with

  1. Shane Curren

    Wix Ads SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! (And so does the service/too pricy and generic)

  2. The Djinn

    I do not recommend the whole wix hype for building websites… they are most unprofessional and just suck! I've uploaded a vid about why I left them, and I think people need to realise how bad they really are…

  3. Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth

    Although, it's so much much better to buy a website builder and not have to pay a monthly fee to use yours.
    I've built plenty successful websites for friends, etc., and the program wasn't expensive at all. It paid for itself the first time I used it and never had to pay a monthly fee. WIX is an okay rental program, but who in their right mind wants a rental program?! NOT I.

  4. Mrlapa

    WIX service is so slow, it takes a good minute to load the site. i cant invest into that

  5. viney sharma

    i already have a site then how do i edit my site by using Wix??

  6. Paul Mashinini

    Hi Brandon

    I'm Paul, I'd like to thank you for sharing how to use Wix and I'm also interested in Real Estate, please share with me briefly about you and your business and how can it help me.

    If you have something to share please feel free to share and we take it from there, Cheers!!!

  7. Stro Berry

    If you have a domain name, through godaddy for example, that is not tied to a website yet, can that be used when creating a wix account?

  8. Gary Deshotel

    How many pages can you add to my website on wix? Can you create a website on wix only as a business are none business?? I want to create a nationaly homeless shelter directory.

  9. Emmy Angela

    Building the website is a piece of cake the problem is connecting to domain I already own by Google. Two weeks of trying to connect and nothing. WIX idea of customer service is emailing a link to a video? Why did I waste my money on a site with 0 support?

  10. Abenkhajou

    getting a 5 pages website for 500$ is a lot of money ? seriously ?

  11. patricia Millman

    Why does wix not answer your emails when you need them.. I have emailed wix from my website and still waiting for a answer

  12. Tarun kumar

    thanks for information…sir
    .. sir can you please tell me we add COD payment option on his onlie store.
    …please sir


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