How to Choose the Right WordPress Website Theme

By | 20th July 2017
How to Choose the Right WordPress Website Theme

Here’s the link to Themeforest:

This is the first video in what will be a 3 part video series on how to get your own kick ass WordPress website up from start to finish. This first video goes over everything to look for when picking out the right theme for your purpose (be it a blog, ecommerce, portfolio, etc). See all of the tips + tricks I use when getting started.

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7 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right WordPress Website Theme

  1. Felipe Foronda

    Very good explanation, you kept it focused and didn't wonder off… great job!

  2. Jeff Straw

    Well done, had a lot of info I've been looking for for a while.

  3. Pat Williams

    Teela, very informative. thank you. Any suggestions for an old radio dj who wants to set up a blog on music from the fifties/sixties using wordpress?

  4. edwin ju

    hey can you make a full tutorial on how to make a website with the shop button. or how to make an ecommerce website. thank you . you are awesome. .

  5. Whitney Graves

    Some great tips. Thank you! I'm really finding your videos helpful.


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