How to Create a Website, QUICK & EASY in India – 7 min Guide

By | 4th August 2017
How to Create a Website, QUICK & EASY in India – 7 min Guide

How to Create a Website, QUICK & EASY in India - 7 min Guide

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This video shows you the fastest way to make a website.
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You can create your website using these 5 Simple steps:

STEP 1: Choose your website name
STEP 2: Register your domain name
STEP 3: Get hosting (server)
STEP 4: Install wordpress
STEP 5: Changing your website design

Okay, lets begin:

1. Choosing your website’s name
This is also called finding your domain name. You need to find a name which is available. Go to the above link to check if your domain name is available.

2. Register your domain name
Once you find a name which is available, you need to register it. You can get a domain name for as low as Rs.99.

3. Get web hosting (server)
Getting hosting simply means getting a server for your website. Hosting will put your website on the internet. It makes you website go live on the web. Watch the video to see how to setup your hostgator hosting account.

4. Installing wordpress
Wordpress is a web software which is helps you create any type of website or blog. The biggest advantage of wordpree is that, you don’t need to have any programming knowledge.

5. Changing the website design
You can change the look of your website using wordpress themes. Another advantage of using wordpress is that, it has 1000’s of themes available for free.

To install a theme go to the dashboard and under appearance, click themes. Choose any theme you like to see a preview. If you like it, click install and click activate.

This is the basic overview of How to Make a Website. If you have any doubts, post them in the comments below. We will answer it as fast as possible.

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