How to fake Snapchat location filters on iPhone

By | 5th August 2017
How to fake Snapchat location filters on iPhone

Use Phantom for Snapchat–a jailbreak tweak–to spoof your location and gain access to all custom geofilters. These filters are normally based on your location, but you can spoof your location to gain all filters.

Step 1: Add the repo:
Step 2: Install Phantom for Snapchat
Note: I’m using Snapchat 9.12.0

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20 thoughts on “How to fake Snapchat location filters on iPhone

  1. citlali villegas

    Best way to pretend u have a life 😂reality I'm chilling in my backyard

  2. Buuzz Sociaux

    Thank you so much i kiss you thank you vert very je m'abonne à toi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Genesis B.

    Help me guys idk how to do this everytime I go to the link it says safari can't open this because the address is invalid what tf does that mean

  4. Chrishna Alonzo

    But there's no phantom for snapchat app in the appstore :(( i cant find it help

  5. Tamara Démosthène

    I can't put my picture with fake location in my story

  6. Robert

    Idk if phantom works anymore, SNapchat is starting to ban people who use phantom


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