How To Fix Disc Brake Rub Noise Alignment Tips Bike Blogger

By | 8th August 2017
How To Fix Disc Brake Rub Noise Alignment Tips Bike Blogger

How to fix disc brake rub noise on a mountain bike or any bicycle fitted with disc brakes? The problem could be due to poor alignment. Follow these simple steps to fix it,

1. Use an allen wrench to loosen the bolts that hold the brake caliper to the frame so that it can move freely.

2. Hold the brake caliper against the frame so the surface areas touch uniformly, and squeeze the brake lever to keep it in place.

3. Tighten the bolts while holding the brake lever.

4. Release the brake lever, spin the wheel to check for rubbing noises, and repeat the process as necessary.

Tip: If your disc brake rub noise only occurs once or a few times per revolution rather than constantly there is a good chance your disc rotor is bent and it needs to be bent back into alignment with gloves or a clean cloth and wrench or rotor truing fork, or replaced (replacement is easiest).

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19 thoughts on “How To Fix Disc Brake Rub Noise Alignment Tips Bike Blogger

  1. Shantanu Visal

    Hey can you help me? My cycle's disc brakes sound like the ones on a car. Is this a problem?

  2. Allen Shaw

    Can often "fix" the problem by loosening and realigning the wheel itself. It is crazy how often than can make a difference right away for better or worse. So the first step is to make sure the wheel itself is balanced on the hub. May want to do this several times to find the right balance. Then proceed with these instructions, not before.

  3. dzigerica666

    erm..when i untighten that two bolts, disc is rubbing even more???

  4. Joey Thespaz

    Thanx for the video! Sorted my rubbing disc and learned a lot about my bike at the same time 👍🏻

  5. PhantomSpeed

    when i let go of lever and have tightened bolts the pads do not move at all, help!!!!!!

  6. PainZ SyCo

    I wanted to learn because my dad ordered me a bike with disc brakes so thnks

  7. zirak93

    It worked perfect, pal. Thanks man, you saved my bicycle trip. xD

  8. Chad Moore

    I like your GT I always liked GT its one of my favorite brands plus I love the Dyno's the old school bmx bikes

  9. Doreen Green

    Oh also sometimes the trick Bikeblogger said won't work because of defects or warping of the disc or brake systems, but you can sometimes solve that just by carefully spinning the wheel with the bike on on it's back and just really being exact with the spindle in the dropouts.

  10. Doreen Green

    One thing about disc brakes i would like to add, if you have hydralic ones, NEVER squeeze the brake lever with the wheel off as it causes it to lock up and then you have to bleed fluid/pressure and then mess around with the pads.
    I only mention this as i've done it before and was totally annoying.

  11. TacticalPat

    Hey BB! Got my bike and I've commuted to work with it about 6 times now! I love it! Trying to get up to everyday but I'm not there yet. Anyway, how is your bike repair stand? I have a floor stand I can set the chain stays in, but I can only do limited work with it. Any recommendations on a full stand like yours?

  12. Richard Stevens

    I recently bought a GT Agressor Expert, it rides very smoothly.


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