How To Install MGID Widget On Blogger/WordPress (Traffic Exchange Theory)

By | 1st October 2016

!!! Don’t forget to backup your blog before making any changes !!!

Entire process takes just a few minutes on Blogger platforms. All you need to do is openDesign – Page Elements panel and add a new Java/HTML Gadget.
Paste the received code in it and place Gadget wherever you want (but remember our recommendations regarding the placement).

It’s a little different for WordPress but still simple.

First, to place the widget right below your header you should open header.php in the editor (in your WP Dashboard).
And now it’s time for some experiments!
Backup your header code and try several positions to find the one where it works best (usually it’s at the bottom, before the last line of the header.php code). It could take some time but this place is the best!

If you decided to install the widgets in the sidebar, check sidebar.php file in your editor. You may see many other widget codes there like “search”, “archives” or “meta”. So you can add the MGID widget code between any other widgets (but we still recommend you to place it at the top)

To place widget after each single post, open single.php file, find a line <?php comments_template(); ?> and paste the code before it.

Remember that every design modification takes some time. Don’t be afraid to experiment and you’ll find the ultimate place and shape for your widget so it will give as many clicks as possible! But be sure you make a backup.

That’s all! If you still have any problems with installing the widgets on your blog, please contact our 24/7 online support team via the contact form or email ( and they would be happy to help you with any issue you may face.

Good luck with blogging and stay tuned, there is a lot of interesting stuff to be published here soon!

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