How to Make a Website – Web Design Tutorial

By | 17th July 2017
How to Make a Website – Web Design Tutorial

How to Make a Website - Web Design Tutorial

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20 thoughts on “How to Make a Website – Web Design Tutorial

  1. BreakOverdrive

    I Think a lot of people are missing the point of this video. Desighn by the way = The layout
    web sevelopers need to chill out for one because it's not telling others to use wix it's just giving viewers some web creating options because not everyone can aafford pro web developers, also these sites shouldn't hurt web developers because if your good enough companies will hire you or small businesses.

    Finally, as a web designer/developer my self I learnt some tips from the video like less is more and engaging the public before they have chance to leave.

    By all means I suggest using Wix or X10 hosting and others because they are well built and easy to use for everyone. Thats all I have to say 😜

  2. Soccerdeadmatchteam

    why use wix
    every website is made from html and css
    wix is made from html and css so do not ise wix
    if you use wix you can not make any thing awsome

  3. Diamond 64

    I'm guessing this is sponsored by Wix
    (Before Watching Video)

  4. King Zeus Biong

    Thank you for your wonderful video. I will use this for my presentation.

  5. kebman

    Your claim about the body text is more legible in sans serif is unfounded. It's just not true, and you cannot prove it. It's just your highly biased opinion that grotesques are more legible. What font type you decide upon is dependent on context. For instance, the New York Times switching to sans serif would be unthinkable. They're doing just fine with serifs, thank you very much, and that's how it's going to stay for the forseeable future. What font you choose for your body text depends on what audience you want, and what kind of content you're making. Serifs does not affect legibility. Not enough for it to matter in the grand scope of things, anyway. Anyway, thumbs up for an otherwise great video.

  6. cjxgraphics

    As for the pro web developers, there's room for both in this world.
    Some people are satisfied with sliced ham, from a big box store, cut by a kid fresh out of high school.
    Others want kobe beef, sliced by a professional.

  7. VideoFlute Dwight Harrison

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  8. Kevin Queen

    Love your old stinky flash website, that was great thanks for the share, absolutely tremendous.

  9. TheDeemoNexus

    The title says "How to make a website – web design tutorial", this is just talking about web design, which is an important part of a website. Also, this is for newbies, like me, it's supposed to be basic and simple gosh darn it!

  10. KwixGFX

    it feels good when you make something your self in html.
    I would rather teach myself html then css rather than do that. I am learning html the only thing i am confused is <div> and <nav>.. Css is kinda easy but i dunno what to use since some of the stuff from css isnt supported in some browsers. o.O
    i reccomend codeacademy! It is a great website to learn how to html 🙂


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