20 thoughts on “How To Stream Live TV On Kodi 17.0 Amazon Firestick 2017

  1. Sachiko Barrett

    Can anyone get the TV show True Life on the fire stick? It shows the episodes and seasons, but it says No stream available.

  2. Electricman01

    I up graded kodi 17.3…..
    Seemed bad quality in exodus done fresh start to go back to 17. Having problem with zip file not there after downloading. Click begin here and now zip…Any thoughts?

  3. Fernando Rodriguez

    Sports tv does NOT work. Your video was great and easy to follow but gobble sports tv nothing plays it just doesn't work

  4. Robin Ahrens

    Hi Nathan. I have trouble with Sports Devil. None of the feeds seem to connect. I have seen lots of comments online and across YouTube but nothing works for me. I was wondering if you have heard anything about it and if you plan to address any time soon with a video.

  5. Miss Kris

    What are you using? My firestick options look nothing like this.

  6. Paula Jones

    Awesome tutorial! Very easy to understand and appreciated. However, when I go to click on a channel, it does not play. Can you help me diagnose why? Thanks in advance.

  7. deadmen108

    i followed your set up i gt the channals but when i click on them it wont fully load up i get the loading box then nothing

  8. Jan Barnett

    I got Gobble installed. Slightly different directions but got to US/UK file. Clicked on CBS drama and it's been buffering for 5 minutes and back arrow does nothing. How do I get out of this? Now I can't get to exodus. Reset firestick and that worked but what is showing on some channels is not on the guide. Right now AMC is taking forever to load.

  9. syncflame

    thanks dude, now I can stream live TV. Also, I had the toonmania app on my phone for a long time but didn't know it was on Kodi thanks again.

  10. Sayquan Twiggs

    hi! great channel, however when I go into gobble some of the channels don't work. Is that normal and why?

  11. Candace Chavez

    after I installed the gobble gobble when I go to click on Disney Channel it does not let me watch anything how do I fix that


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