How to use Onetone theme to create WordPress website step by step?

By | 29th August 2017
How to use Onetone theme to create WordPress website step by step?

This WordPress tutorial is for Onetone theme. In this video, we provide WordPress guides for you, like how to use free professional WordPress themes to create website, and how to change the demo date to the website you wish.

18 thoughts on “How to use Onetone theme to create WordPress website step by step?

  1. sukoy29

    Good morning in the free version of section 7 there is a counter because it does not exist in the pro version I bought?

  2. Kari Sinkko

    Updated to the latest version, it was really easy to use and now it's unfortunately overly complicated.

  3. Xavi Ruiz

    Excellent and explicative! Could you make a video about how can we translate the frontpage using WMPL, Polylang or another translation plugin?


  4. moses michael

    Hi, great work. How can i make a multi language site using onetone theme. I have tried polylang plugin, it worked on other pages but failed on front page. Please assist.

  5. Amara Irum

    my video slider is not working when i changed youtube ID? WHAT SHOULD I DO please help me out

  6. alberto9911

    Hello, thanks for the video. Unfortunately the author didn't show us how to creat a new section.
    Q: Can I copy e.g. Section 6 About and put it to section 11?
    Q2: I filled in Section 10 (empty) like section 6 and after I press safe and refresh the page nothing happens.
    Q2.1: How to add "Left Content" to empty section?
    Q3: Where can I read about license?
    Q4: I want to upgrade to PRO, can I import my Settings? (Does it work through "Options Backup?)
    Thank you very much. Greeting from Germany.

  7. Guilherme Carvalho

    Hi there. Congrats for this wonderful peace of art. I would like to know if there is a way to link a button from section 1 to go to section 3.

  8. Kinga Próchniewicz

    hi, i have a problem, I add photo in 1 site baner but don't see all the picture. picture and text is crop. when I add video then its fine. Where is the problem. Please for help.

  9. sandfrei strandmatte

    i want a e-mail forms placed at the left side of my side. is it possible to place it there or to inset raw html? I have the Pro version of the onetime theme

  10. Jose Maria

    Thanks for the explanation. I want to know if is possible to add more than 6 images to the gallery, thanks again

  11. Syarif Ridwan

    Hi Every one

    i installed one tone theme in my wordpress web, and i use my youtube video as the header, but the problem is, the video is not wide full on the area header like the demo.

    My web result like this, , it left black space in right and left the header.. not fully wide , how can i fix these ? i want my header video youtube like the demo.


  12. Warren Thomas

    HI, Thanks for an amazing video and theme. I have a problem, I have installed it under the wordpress folder under my root directory. i now want to move the website to my root, when I do this it loses all the styling of the theme when I view the site on a mobile phone or any browser other than chrome. What files must I move to get it to run from root perfectly like it does from the root/wordpress directory

  13. Thembelani Msongelwa

    Short and precise to the point unlike the other 2 to 3 hour videos others make, thanks

  14. isamhir

    Hey, I want to use a solid image background on home page instead of video or slider..? How ?

  15. Enes Erdem

    hi i want to appear in the menu of all the sites that will help you how to go to the menu when I went to the bottom of the page I do?


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