HP ENVY 15T Laptop Review (LATEST MODEL 2016)

By | 16th August 2017
HP ENVY 15T Laptop Review (LATEST MODEL 2016)

Hey everyone what’s going on, today, a month since my last video, I bring you the review of my HP Envy 15T Laptop. This details what I like, don’t like, and some of the in between things. This is meant for possible future buyers to get a good idea of how someone feels about it after a month of use.


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20 thoughts on “HP ENVY 15T Laptop Review (LATEST MODEL 2016)

  1. SmashingHeads

    "I've been a desktop user for 15 years " .Since you were 2-3 y.o? Cmon bro..

  2. OneBrokeBloke

    Put your speech infront of you instead, you remind me of me doing one of my very first presentations in school

  3. James Stobaugh

    connor.munson That was a good review. I am curious, is there a reason why you chose the 1 TB 5400 over an ssd, or any other option? Again, just curious.

  4. Austin Abercrombie

    Hi Conner, do you know if the SSD is user upgradable? From what I can tell from the specs and support page, it is NVMe and is underneath the HDD, so it should be an easy upgrade if you remove the bottom screws on the laptop. Can you confirm that?

  5. Fuji 御

    Hello. It is a Japanese viewer.
    I have a question.
    Is there a vent at the joint between the display and the keyboard? Does it affect the display due to the uncomfortable feeling due to heat or the air coming from the exhaust port during use due to the influence of it?
    I will be happy if you answer

  6. Blue Flare

    I bought this brand new and it has a lot of crackling noises from the speakers. Even when im not playing anything. Is this normal? Also its a little noisy

  7. Emilien Deloche

    hello there, thanks for your review. I am really thinking to get myself one of those too because it has good balance between design, componants (especially SSD + HDD memory) and price. My main fear about it is the graphic card and how it will behave with my 3D software such as CAD, rhinoceros, 3DS max and such softwares. Since it is only equipped with an integrated INtel hd 520 or 620 graphic card, I am really wondering where this laptop stands compared to laptops equipped with geforce 950 or 960. Have you been using it for videogames or powerful softawares ? what's your feedback on this specific point. THanks in advance for your reply, greeting from france, Happy Xmas season

  8. Kee .W

    Is there a right and left button on trackpad? I cant right click or hold and drag to highlight things.

  9. Joe M

    great video man, I wish you had displayed the device more and used it a bit just to let us get an idea of user experience. but overall not bad

  10. Josue Madge

    How much does it heat in high conditions? like rendering videos or playing ? i read that it has a special cooling

  11. Jason R. Berry

    What about how the screen looks and how does the speakers sound?

  12. LeakZz

    do u can Play league of legends on it ? no laggs or somethink ? whats about gaming ?


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