Indians have become the top Android app users in the world

By | 19th January 2017


India has more than 230 million smartphone users. It’s the world’s second-largest smartphone market—after China and ahead of the US—and the Android operating system accounts for 96% of it. Price-sensitive Indians are not only buying more Android devices under $100 (Rs6,780), manufactured by foreign and local brands, but they are also skipping PCs entirely and going straight to mobile computing.


India, the South Asian nation swept aside the US and Brazil to become the world’s top consumer of Google Play applications last year

In terms of the number of times people in India downloaded apps from the store, which is part of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, India outpaced both the US and Brazil who were above it the year before,
In terms of revenues generated through Google Play, India didn’t feature in the top ten, indicating that users in the country are still spending far less than their Japanese, American and South Korean counterparts, who took the top three spots for sales.
Tech companies are racing to capitalize on India’s growing smartphone market. Google has launched free Wi-Fi at more than 100 railways stations across India while Apple is exploring opening its own stores in the country.
With 1.3 billion people and expanding smartphone adoption, these companies see India as the next big market outside of China.
The Google Play store isn’t operational in China, so the country didn’t appear in the Google Play downloads or revenue ranking.
India’s phenomenal progress over the past two years is even more impressive when considering its potential for further gains,” the report said of its app download growth.

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