Intel is LOSING its DIGNITY – WAN Show July 14, 2017

By | 20th July 2017
Intel is LOSING its DIGNITY – WAN Show July 14, 2017

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Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.

00:04:00 – “McMansion Hell” used Zillow photos to mock bad design – Zillow may sue
00:11:39 – Juicero to cut staff, drop price of its juice bag presser below 0
00:16:50 – Luke’s Twitch trip
00:20:20 – Intel says AMD EPYC processors “glued-together” in official slide deck
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00:43:43 – Sponsor: iFixit
00:45:12 – AMD Threadripper 1920X and 1950X CPU Details: 12/16 cores, 4 GHz turbo, 9 and 9
00:49:07 – Skylake-X overclocking thermal issues
00:52:50 – Facebook plans to unveil a 0 wireless Oculus VR headset in 2018
00:58:46 – Huawei’s special edition KFC smartphone for China is Finger Lickin’ Good
01:02:12 – OnePlue 5’s display is inverted, likely causes jelly scrolling
01:03:59 – Google Pixel 2 design leaked
01:04:58 – Logitech buys headset maker Astro Gaming
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20 thoughts on “Intel is LOSING its DIGNITY – WAN Show July 14, 2017

  1. Tomasz Wozniak

    I gave this channel another shot. 5 seconds into the podcast and you lost me by screaming for no apparent reason.
    Are you from 'murica, or what?

  2. Crispy K

    Lmao intel. Burn to the ground you low level scamming bullshit trash company XD

  3. leanlifter1

    Intel/nvidia/Apple are all following a super shitty corporate philosophy that makes their products undesirable to the well informed consumer.

  4. Chris Toliver

    Sorry Jon, we love you, but Luke's mom is the REAL guest star of WAN Show

  5. Defeqel

    It took a long time for AMD to claw market share thanks to Intels monopolistic and anti-competition practices. Undignified and Intel kind of go hand-in-hand.

  6. Kevin K H Chan

    The only thing missing in those slides was "WE HAVE A BIGGER DICK!"

  7. Carlos Josue Hernandez Jaramillo

    what i see is Intel is "feeling" the AMD comeback after his last CPU not being good as they claim and they go like: "oh yeah? well… we got candies and soda and…we are better D:<"

    im going to stole this words from someone else: "Intel is so Salty that if they get close to a lake, they will turn it into an ocean"

  8. DaRoach5882

    Hmmmmm….. Perhaps we are looking at this wrong.
    Intel did put an "X" On the "Glued-Together" CPUs……. does that mean to say that they are not glued together?

    Intel fail in their own mud slinging.

  9. ingram

    That's a Bullshit slide. If you are measuring clock for clock you wouldn't have to underclock the 1800X UNLESS that Xeon is not capable of higher than 2.2GHz speeds. Fuck flat out deceptive.

  10. Mila Janssens

    Bank classroom anyone bhoeih location importance every other.

  11. softplacetoland

    That whole 4 glued together desktop dies is an issue. Not just glued part but even more DESKTOP dies part too. Intel deliberately says DESKTOP when it is other way around. AMD designed SERVER die and repurposed it for desktop as a bonus. AMDs main target is server market.

  12. jerry king

    so – competition is still good and smack talk still pushes competitors to do a better job. consumers win again.

  13. Monu

    The reason Intel didn't have any competition for 10 years was their unprofessional strong arming of the market.


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