Israel give technology transfer to India

By | 2nd August 2017
Israel give technology transfer to India

Disclaimer- The fact and story in this video is taken from various news agencies . Our intention is only to publish this through our channel not hurting anyone . We always try to make video true to real facts
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14 thoughts on “Israel give technology transfer to India

  1. whatever04

    India should stop begging for technology transfer from everybody. It is ridiculous.. Why can't we develop our own tech? Israel is too nice, so it helped us. But asking them for technology which they developed on their own is too much.. It is like asking somebody to give you secrets of a business they built..
    India is a proud nation – we should not indulge in such things..

  2. U BHOW

    This Country India of ours is most characterless Country in the whole world every elected guy here is corupt of the highest order and ONE MAN MODI cannot handle 75% corrupt guys in a Country of 1.3 billion people .Recent visit of Modi to Israeli in spite of Israeli Prim Minister openly saying that He will Help India but the greedy pigs will wait wait wait for commission from Israel first and then go for joint venture saying Israel will make huge profit why not share 40% with the MPs in Parliament. Indians then can sell their own country for money.Hope Modi infuses better sense by shooting down some corrupt elements i the Country or else this cancer of Corruption will kill this country . Here every five years Party Tickets are actioned in public for people who want to get elected in Parliament and rob the Nation .This auction has to be stopped once for all or else corruption will never go from this rotten country.

  3. V7JN

    the bastard congress govt was the root cause for keeping the two countries apart bloody motherfuckers

  4. Rath Mam

    Indian need to learn from China copy and paste. No more buying from other countries.

  5. siddhartha roy

    what we have won't matter much…. what we need practically matters …

  6. siddhartha roy

    Signing only won't help our defence…. if chine attacks within upcoming months…. we may be in great problem… we should solve our defence deficiency on emergency basis…

  7. Md Wasim Akram

    india kiya karraha hai itna visual country hoke……..India ko hathiyaar kharidne ke bajai bana chahiye…..


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