Jio Open Second Round Of Pre-Bookings For JioPhone After Diwali-Good News For Jio User

By | 18th October 2017
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About Jio Phone

Reliance JioPhone was pre-booked by millions of people according to the company when the 4G feature phone was up for pre-orders last month. The pre-orders of JioPhone started on August 24 with the deliveries slated to be in the first half of September, possibly before the 10th of the month. However, not only Jio halted the pre-orders due to heavy demand, it also pushed the delivery date for the phone to September 21. Now, the company will also going to miss this date, India Today Tech has learnt. The JioPhone will now be delivered to people who have pre-booked it from October 1.


Some reports earlier claimed that JioPhone would be delivered to consumers during Navratri. “Yes, the company had scheduled the phone delivery date for Navratri – to be precise – JioPhone delivery date was set for September 24, at least that’s what we were informed earlier, but then now it has been delayed,” a Jio-authorised retailer who is supposed to provide deliveries to JioPhone customers told India Today Tech.

Speaking to a few retailers, India Today Tech has learned that JioPhone delivery has been pushed again. One retailer said, “We got a message from the company (Jio) that the delivery has been postponed to October. The JioPhone delivery will start from October 1.” Another retailer said, “We have no information about the delivery as of now, but then as far as we are aware the phones will be delivered between October 1 and October 3.”

Although retailers confirmed about the delay in delivery of the JioPhone they were not in a position shed more light on reasons for the delay. Earlier Jio had hinted that it got more interest in the phone than what it had provisioned for.


When will the JioPhone pre-orders start again?
Millions of people have booked it but many are still waiting for the pre-orders to start again. Although Jio claims that the pre-booking processes of the JioPhone will resume soon After Diwali , some retailers claim that it may not, at least not anytime soon. The pre-orders, as retailers have revealed, will start probably after the delivery of the first lot of JioPhone, which is expected to happen around the first week of October.

How to book JioPhone
JioPhone was earlier available for booking on both online and offline channels. People who have booked the JioPhone via will be notified by Jio via text message when they can go and pick the device from their nearest retailer. Jio will send the details of the store to the person, and they will have to go to the mentioned Jio Digital store to get their JioPhone. The same process follows for consumers who have booked the JioPhone offline. They will also be notified by Jio as and when the JioPhone hits the stores.

Documents to carry to get JioPhone
It is important that all buyers should carry required documents before going to collect their JioPhone. The most important is the code that Jio would have sent to them after pre-booking of the phone was completed. “We will deliver the JioPhone based on the code that the consumer provides us,” says a retailer. Apart from the code, the consumer needs to carry their Aadhaar card as well. “You have to produce your Aadhaar card. We will not deliver JioPhone without verifying Aadhaar,” says a retailer.

At the time of collecting the JioPhone from the store, the consumer will have to pay a sum of Rs 1,000 – which is a part of a refundable amount of Rs 1,500. To recall, Rs 500 was taken as part f the same fee while booking the phone.

JioPhone is effectively free. To get the phone though consumers will have to give Rs 1500 fee, which will be refunded in case the consumers gives the phone back within 3 years. After getting their JioPhone, buyers will have to subscribe to data packs, which are available at a starting price of Rs 153.

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani created a furore in Telecom’s world about free mobile data and free calling. It was a little more than a year since the company launched these services through Reliance Geo Infocom Ltd. Mukesh Ambani has now said that since the company has started charging for the data, we have made profits before repaying the tax and interest amount, but overall the company has a net loss (deficit).

Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd, a telecom firm, had a net loss of Rs 270.59 crore in the July-September quarter, which was Rs 21.3 crore in the previous quarter. The total income of Reliance Jio in the reported quarter stood at Rs 6,148.73 crore. This is the first time that the country’s richest man has expressed the earnings of this business.

The total number of subscribers of Reliance Jio, led by Mukesh Ambani-led telecom firm, increased to 13.86 crore in the quarter ended September 30. The company received approximately 1.5 million new customers in the quarter. It said in the statement of the company that in the last three months of September 2017, it has a net loss of 270.5 million rupees. In the June quarter this loss was Rs. 21.3 crores. During this period, the company’s single operating income is about Rs 6,147 crore. It said in the statement of the company that on a pure basis in the quarter, it received 1.53 crore new customers and the number of its subscribers increased to 13.86 crore.
The total number of customers in Reliance Jio increased to 13.86 crores in the quarter ended September 30. The company received approximately 1.5 million new customers in the quarter. It said in the statement of the company that on a pure basis in the quarter, it received 1.53 crore new customers and the number of its subscribers increased to 13.86 crore.

Insprite Of this Jio Is Going to  Start Accepting Jio Phone Resgistration

jio phone

If you missed the chance to book your JioPhone, your wait could be over soon. Reliance Jio is going to start accepting registrations for its 4G feature phone after Diwali, stated a PTI report quoting Reliance Retail channel partner.

Reliance Jio claims to have received millions of pre-orders for its 4G-enabled feature handset, although no definite number has been declared by the company. Reports suggest that around 6 million units of JioPhone have been booked during the few days in August, before registration process was suspended temporarily on account of heavy demand. As of now, the JioPhone bookings section on the telecom operator’s website,, shows a message stating “We will inform you when pre-booking resumes”.

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