know in which country whats app cannot share data with facebook??

By | 19th December 2017
whats app and facebook

France restricts to share data from whats app to face book

France has given a notice to the giant company whats app to stop sharing data from Facebook.

the chair person of the national data protection commission (CNIL) had suggested whats app to give a new sample of data transfer to face book .

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But the company rejected the sample request by chairmen of national data protection which is in the US.

While C.N.I.L posted all that on last Monday.

As just because of that , the chair person of CNIL decided  to give a notice to the company whats app as per as data protection act.

The deal between Facebook and whats app has been signed on Aug 25,2016 .

As whats app release its new version of terms and condition & policies



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