How long does Google take to give a page rank for a new website

By | 4th October 2016

There is no formula for rank your website in Google neither there is anyone that will tell you how long it takes to get to the first pages.
It depend on certain factors like:-

Age of the domain – Website that is old and trusted is more likely to rank higher in Google search results rather then a newer website. This does not mean that a new website cannot achieve good rankings but it simply means it will take more time.

Competition for the keywords you want to rank in Google – There is strong competition especially for the most popular keywords so you should be selective of the keywords you want to rank for and use long tail keywords.

A clean domain is a website that has not been penalized from Google either by a manual or algorithmic penalty. For this you can created Google webmaster and analytic account which will automatically show your website status after submitting website on them.

Type of content (news item, article, image etc.) – Another factor that affects the time needed to rank in Google is the type of content. News stories will rank faster than stories which are not considered news.

Selection of title (SEO optimized title) – Having an SEO optimized title is more important.

Quantity of content on website/ Original Content

SEO is important – On Page and Off page SEO play a main role not only for ranking website but also on how much time it will take to rank.

Number of outbound links – A new post that receives a number of natural links because it is important, useful and valuable will come on search engine result faster.

How often you publish new content is more important. The frequency you publish content affects the time needed to rank a new page in Google. If you have a steady schedule 2-3 times per week then most probably your content will get indexed almost immediately but in the cases that you don’t publish new content often it may take a day before search engines find out about it. Note that indexing does not mean ranking, but it’s the first step in the process.

Be patient – Patience is one the most important characteristics you need to have if you want to succeed.

Keep updating your website with good quality original content.

Hire a reliable SEO Expert agency. The Internet is very important for all businesses and sometimes when you can not get the results you want.  Outsourcing with a trusted SEO firm is perhaps the best thing to do and it does not cost as much as you think.

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