Make in India initiative, Part 2 of 2 – agriculture, technology and energy

By | 25th July 2017
Make in India initiative, Part 2 of 2 – agriculture, technology and energy

Make in India initiative, Part 2 of 2 - agriculture, technology and energy

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BAKU – Under the Make in India initiative, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the country’s greatest economic reform. In Part 1 of the Make in India report, we went over the labor laws, land acquisition legislation as well as the tax regimes, which Modi needs to adjust to increase foreign direct investment in India.

Yet, economies run on energy. As India’s expands its economy, it will have to seek for more sources of energy. Moreover, an equally daunting challenge awaits the country’s agricultural and services sectors. In Part 2 of the Make in India report, we will go over these crucial components which will determine the success of the economic reforms.

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20 thoughts on “Make in India initiative, Part 2 of 2 – agriculture, technology and energy

  1. karl 3500

    How to make India great again?

    Remove the Ancient Hindu Caste System please!

  2. Stnl N2

    Yeah. …good luck to you collecting any liabilities claims from Russia….

  3. Monal Patel

    fuck democracy, give our nation to modi at-least 2029 to make several things possible.
    will always support him.

  4. Weaver Bird

    Growth is good but who farm in future ? Farming is risky & labour intensive.

  5. Tom Rogers

    why doesn't india look into green energy like tidal power or fast reactors designed in Japan or even algae biofuel?

  6. Mashoto Shaku

    I would be interested in your thoughts on the BRICS nations

  7. Rajarshi Ghosh

    Nice to see news on India from a relatively unbiased international perspective

  8. Savage Monkey

    People like you keep YouTube worth watching. Good job guys. 👏

  9. sathish saakar

    hey guys kindly check out great protest for #jallikattu that's happening in the south part of #INDIA.

    #jallikattu is a traditional bull game which is been happening for more than hundreds of year and its a form of #breeding_science.
    where it is banned here due MNC's business mind and #PETA_india to
    kill out all our bulls and send them all to the slaughter house and their main moto is to import the a1 type milk instead of a2 type from the foreign countries
    where a2 milk holds the best qualities than a1

    their plan is to kill and send the bull only because if they there is an extinction of bull
    ofcourse we have to do artificial insemination which leads the future generations
    into lots of health problem

    so guys kindly do some research about it and give us your voice of support
    -thank you

  10. Simran pal singh

    shirvan ,i seriously love your videos you actually work better than seeker network, they are very biased towards third world countries. You actually make great content showing the story of each side. keep up the good work.

  11. Google User

    all this mentions are just on paper only 1-2℅ are on the way


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