20 thoughts on “malayalam news live (16).flv

  1. Rahul Raj S Naik

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  2. Cruz azul

    Unbelievable, The same thing happened down our street last week .Lola.

  3. Aisha banyard

    come on the holy indian god was an elephant the gods must be angry like the monkey god of china and the end of the holy white elephant poor animal kingdom

  4. ssp rajendran rajendran

    how our government looking and thinking how much value giving the human live just 2 elephant doing some problem and killing the people and other pets more than half days past still thy will playing weary weary shame this stoopit low and order  and the government    

  5. Mira Dorota Hansen

    Man kan ikke forstår hvad speaker siger, men video klip er manipuleret. Hvad lever en elefant unge i en by? Er den fortræng fra sin naturlig miljø pga. mennesker? eller blev den taget til fangeskab og stak af?.Det ser ud at den blev provokeret af dumme mennesker- de slog på elefanten. Primitive folk.

  6. TheDesiboy088

    Asianet News should be sued for showing these videos without an 18+ Warning.


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