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Top 6 Smartphone Apps for MBA Students

If you’re an MBA student, you probably already know this world is changing drastically. Just reading books won’t get you anywhere right now. And specially with the kind of competition that the world has these days, you just have to rely on other, more modern means of educating, and organising yourself. This world has been so automated that you just… Read More »

Three Must Have Apps on Your Android Phone

  Tuenti With Tuenti enjoy sending free chat messages to anyone and share photos and updates with your friends—and only your friends. Your information is always available from any device, and we make sure it’s private and secure. Tuenti is a multi-platform app, so it doesn’t matter if you’re connected from a smart phone or computer. Tuneti is… Read More »

Google Pixel: stand aside smartphone, the genius phone

Smartphone vendors have a tough job. They need to convince consumers that theirs is the best, bar none. Better than last year’s model. Better than the competition. And not just incrementally better. Quantum leap better. Otherwise, who would want to upgrade? The narrative around the new Pixel phones is that they are so good and so different from what… Read More »

iPhone 7 Plus review

PROS Stunning battery life Excellent camera performance Attractive matte black finish Lightning fast performance Stereo speakers Worry-free water resistance Bright and vivid display Ample internal storage options CONS Top and bottom bezels are large No fast or wireless charging Similar to how the Galaxy S7 Edge perfected the design and features of the Galaxy S6 Edge, the new… Read More »