My kids are so lucky! – Technology Now vs Then

By | 16th July 2017
My kids are so lucky! – Technology Now vs Then

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Well, this video makes me seem like a bit of an old man… But why the heck are kids these days so darn spoiled?

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20 thoughts on “My kids are so lucky! – Technology Now vs Then

  1. caleb ard

    to be honest most of that i have done kids got it so easy these days

  2. Nariod14

    3:59 "your son" has a freakin Razer Blade. wow. hm. I wonder why he's not impressed.

  3. TheBookWorm1718

    Everybody who says 'spoiled', I love you. You get it.

  4. Jeff Rabbit

    I don't have a clapper, nor a phone. At least I have a PC!

  5. Thomas Hansknecht

    My first computer was a dell that I think ran windows 95 and my first laptop was my fathers old laptop with a loud hard drive, a latch to open the display and like a 30 to 60 minute battery life. I remember being like 9 years old and just playing lots of pinball on that laptop. Wow have times changed since then. Some kids seem so spoiled now.

  6. TheBookWorm1718

    2:54 No, it wasn't. Kids back then weren't doing 7 hours of homework every single day, they ARE now, too damn many of them.

  7. TheBookWorm1718

    1:14 No, it's not, it's just an update of the book and accompanying cassette we had as kids.

  8. Tacocat 312

    he didn't add you couldn't use the phone and internet at the same time

  9. Humble Lifestyle

    I remmeber befor Youtube, i would go to Yahoo Music to jam out. I was born in 2000

  10. Facehunter2003

    damn you son has a phone… my mom gave me one when I was 13


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