NEW Inspector Gadget CGi Series in 2015!!!

By | 11th October 2017
NEW Inspector Gadget CGi Series in 2015!!!

The very first cartoon I watched when I was a kid returns. After 3 decades and 2 Animated Movies “not counting the live action films -_-“, the man with the gadgets is BACK for the next generation!!! No joke.

Though the artwork is sort of different from the original classic, but to all the retro nerds and fans of the original series “which I’m both by the way”.
Yes I notice that the opening is different along with Gadget’s HQ is hidden in a flower shop than a trash can.
The theme song sounds more like “Hall of The Mountain King” which the original song was based from and singing cross between a James Bond movie and Power Rangers.
Gadget’s message’s are holograms instead of paper.
The Gadgetmobile looks more modern.
Gadget’s voice sounds more like Dan Aykroyd.
Penny’s pants don’t look the same as the original.
Brain looking more like a dog than a cartoon.
Dr. Claw has a nephew.
And the Chief looks more like Commissioner Gordon from Batman.
Honestly, gotta keep up with the times, if you don’t like the changes, watch the classic and SHUT UP!

From the official press release from DHX Media:
“INSPECTOR GADGET is BACK! Dr. Claw has reactivated his global crime syndicate MAD. Only the bumbling Swiss army knife detective can stop him! With his niece, Penny and her dog Brain, Gadget must combat the sinister Dr. Claw (and his nephew TALON) who keeps trying to take over the world.”

The new series will premiere in 2015 on Cartoon Network USA, Teletoon in Canada, France 3 in France, and Super RTL in Germany.

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20 thoughts on “NEW Inspector Gadget CGi Series in 2015!!!

  1. FreloMaster

    Y'know, I actually watched this earlier today and frankly, I thought it was awesome! Its humor and portrayal of Gadget's character was almost identical to the original 1983 series, with a few exceptions closer to the "modern" expectations of cartoons, of course. The theme actually isn't that bad; while I'd definitely take the original over the new one any day, I like how it mimics the song the original intro theme was inspired by. The animation is very crisp and the similarities between the new and old theme made me really happy that the animators actually did their research of the original series instead of making something completely different and ruining the good name of Inspector Gadget as we know it. 10/10 would indubitably watch again!

  2. 1994SonicDude

    For those who are Amazing World of Gumball fans or who watch it, I've recently uploaded some clips with a few additions to them. Check them out on my channel and be sure to comment below, share and give a thumbs-up if you like what you've seen 🙂

  3. Antiplex

    Go-Go Fuck Yourself
    Go-Go Kill Yourself

    It's just a joke not directed at anybody

  4. Emerald Moon

    Guys, guys, guys.

    Need i remind all of you the live action version starring Matthew Broderick ? Compared to that crap stinker, this version is at least passable.

    Unlike the horrid live action movies, it at least tried to capture spirit of what made the original Inspector Gadget so beloved by many in the first place.

    This is just my opinion only. Some of you can choose to like this version. Some of you can choose to hate this version. Me, personally. I think this version is fine. So-so.

    This version is not good. But it's not bad either. It's just OK.

  5. *Artsy brebre*


  6. Blu Zombie

    Cartoons these days just don't have the same vibe as the old-school ones…

    Still pretty cool tbh.

  7. skurvay

    The Original theme song from the 80's Series had more of a "Stealthy Detective" feeling to it, but This theme song has more of an "Action-Packed Secret Agent" feeling to it, which is pretty much more of the Direction that they were going for in This series.

  8. SweetCatNoir

    I love the inspector gadget theme song and the characters in the show


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