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By | 2nd January 2018

Customize  phone in your own style

Android is one of easier operating system to customize phone, operate, modify and you can set as how you want. If you have any basic knowledge about right apps you can make your phone unique. If you don’t have any knowledge about how to start, i’m giving some list of app that can bring you in right way .

Customize phone


Improve the look

                                                 At first you should have a launcher

This is a best way to improve look of your phone, A launcher can totally change the  interface of your smart phone  If you change launchers, you’ll have a new home screen, widgets and app drawer. Above all, launchers often offer customization and themes that can simplify your life. If you like the style of what you see in the image just below.

I’ll recommend you to Install Apus launcher 

Customize phone

                                                                      Improve your notifications

Does your phone’s LED light blink when any notification come, here is an unique that you should try

Light manager

Customize phone


                                                        Add widgets to your lock screen

Most of the time your phone is locked in while you are busy.Instead of having to waste time unlocking your phone to check the weather, Whats App, your calendar, etc, why not just put them on your lock screen as widgets? It’s easy, practical and will save you time.


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