Now You Can Use Apple’s Original Graphical OS In Free From 2018

By | 28th December 2017
Apple's Original Graphical

Apple’s Original Graphical OS

If you are using a MAC or Apple’s any PC and you are trying to use Apple’s original graphical interface on Lisa, the PC that provide MAC, you either using the emulator or using the expensive machines but now you can use all these in free as Apple announced its original Graphical OS will be free from next year, its a great news for all Apple’s user.


Apple's Original Graphical

You probably not going to reboot your  PC again as it consist other processor the Motorola-68000 and it is much stricter as memory initialization.The 68000 processors were also used in the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) and SNK Neo Geo consoles as the main CPU.

Lisa was to visit XEROX PARC, there it was rejected for its slow version that would be accessible for the mainstream audience. The other reason was that it is widely expensive ( $9,995 to $24,560 in this year).

So, it was not so easier to assemble the interface but after the announcement from Apple’s for ” free graphical OS interface”, it will bring a smile on the face of Apple users.

The engineers are working the related field to generate from fluency in the processor.

Some examples of last processor of  Motorola

  • Motorola 68EC000

The 68HC000, the first CMOS version of the 68000, was designed by Hitachi and jointly introduced in 1985.The 68EC000 chip and SCM68000 core expanded the address bus to 32 bits, it consist of excellence feature that time one of the expensive one and most recommended.

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Apple's original graphical



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