By | 19th December 2017

Now you will get a warning  from twitter before || hate images ||



San Francisco : Twitter inc said on Monday, it would be a warning for them who see pictures with Nazi Swastikas and other things which represent hateful images .

Twitter also has new policies that ban users who are the face of organisation

the organisation that represent violence against civilians , any one who making such violence activities among the civilians.

Even in the social media platform  they will be banned  by the twitter group. The organisation which are not affiliated by the government organisation which are  creating violence against civilians .


twitter also said that they will remove  all the tweets which represent violence or banned the people who commit it.

On last Monday twitter has also suspended an unknown number of account one more person which belong to   Jayda fransen.

the main reason that the twitter banned the person because there are some denatured video were posted multiple times .

The twitter said that the people were banned as due to the news policies of twitter .

There’s an organisation name “ THE FREE SPEECH WINGS ON FREE SPEECH PARTY ” this company has been founded in 2006, it’s main  task is to try to stay-out  of battles among twitters .

In the month of October, twitter also shows some policies on sexual harassment and this type of unnecessary activities.

tweets can still includes hate imaginary but the users will have to click on the warning button then after banned of profile picture  hates images may restricted by the other countries or organisation.



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