OnePlus 5 Review

By | 10th July 2017
OnePlus 5 Review

The OnePlus 5 is the next phone in the family formerly known as “flagship killers.” Like its immediate predecessor the OnePlus 3T, the OnePlus 5 is better described as a “killer flagship,” with top-of-the-line specs packed into a very affordable package. That’s OnePlus’s game, after all, and the company plays it well. But does its focus on camera quality justify the slightly higher price tag – and will you be able to tell it apart from your friends’ iPhones? Take in the OnePlus 5 review above to find out, and then hop on over to Android Central’s full OnePlus 5 review to learn what it really means to “never settle.”


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MrMobile’s OnePlus 5 Review was produced following 14 days with a OnePlus 5 review device provided by OnePlus. The phone was tested in Greater Boston, MA and Pensacola FL on T-Mobile US. It was paired to a Casio WSD-F20 smartwatch for the duration of the review period.


Android Central’s OnePlus 5 Review:


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20 thoughts on “OnePlus 5 Review

  1. HayesCooper19

    I'm extremely interested in trying out OnePlus, but unfortunately, I'm stuck on Verizon as it's the only carrier with coverage where I live and OnePlus's insistence on ignoring Verizon customers makes it a non-starter.

  2. Jerin George Benny Vadaparampil

    I wish one plus provide timely updates

  3. Qubert 2443

    i just closed the video when i found out it had no micro sd card slot

  4. Roy Fernbach

    So it is a camera with some phone features…

    I hate the fact that phones today are judged by their camera strength. ITS A MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE! If you want a camera, buy a camera. I don't think the camera is even as necessary as the rest of the phone.

  5. Rail Around New York

    No expandable storage is a no-go for me, even with the 128gb's. G6 for me.

  6. MIke White

    Thanks for a great review! I bought the OnePlus 5 and I love it. I have already received a few updates since I got the phone. decent battery life, incredible speed and extremely smooth performance. excellent photos in daylight. My OnePlus 5 took better pictures than a Pixel and IPhone 6S+. Great customized features like button long/short press options . Fastest home sensor , works great with Nova launcher.

    lousy videos, grainy pictures in low light. I hope future updates can improve the performance.

  7. Adam Armstrong

    Why do zero reviewers mention the jelly scrolling? I'm just about to return my OP5 because the horrible elastic/jelly scrolling effect caused by the panel being upside down (and thus refreshing backwards and interacting bizarrely with scrolling) is intolerable.

  8. Inferno

    At $500, it's getting into "LG's having a big discount" territory. And at that price, the G6 is the better buy.

  9. Mario Guerrero

    It`s sad to see that no famous reviewer has mentioned the jelly scroll. That makes me think that all of them are being paid to keep their mouths shut.

  10. ballerintheair

    I would really consider getting this if this didn't cost as much as any other flagship in Canada (650-720) 😅😑


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