Our Blogging Tips & Advice

By | 22nd July 2017
Our Blogging Tips & Advice

Our Blogging Tips & Advice


Hello Everyone.
I know that this video may not be something that you are all interested in, and that’s understandable as not everybody wants or writes a blog.
Louise and I get a lot of emails everyday from blog readers asking questions about everything we touched on in this video, so it seemed only right to compile this video for those who ask us & are interested.
Please don’t take this video too seriously, we didn’t. We aren’t blogging professionals, and our opinions are just personal. Blogging is a way to express YOUR individuality and personality, so by all means take on board anything we may have said if it’s helpful to you, but if not, then carry on as you are. There are no rules to blogging, just have fun 🙂 And if this video doesn’t tickle your fancy, be sure to skip to minute 22 for the bloopers.

My Blog: http://schoee.blogspot.com/
Louise’s Blog: http://sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.com/

I’m Wearing:
White tank top: H&M
Black Bandeau: New Look
Lipstick: Topshop “Infared”
Nail Polish: Topshop 101

Louise is Wearing: *Will update after I’ve asked her*

Thanks for watching xxx

20 thoughts on “Our Blogging Tips & Advice

  1. Luke Vincentian

    So……. when are you gonna update what Lou's wearing ?

  2. TheVelvetFox

    Watching this in 2017.. The difference is crazy! Still a fan

  3. Lisa Evans

    I also find that WordPress is a bit better than Blogger. I actually transfered from Blogger to WordPress. I just find that it gives you more options of how to layout and present you blog. It's also extremely easy to use x.

  4. Ashima Nan

    Baby glitter is the cutest little thing awwww. Also you two have just always been amazing xoxo.

  5. Jane Hutchinson

    What great advice girls enjoyed listening to your ideas, very helpful. x


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