How to Make Your Home Intruder-Proof – Pokemon Go Style

Pokémon Go has been in the news over the past few months, for a mixture of positive and negative reasons. It has been celebrated as an app that promotes exercise, has encouraged children to become more socialwhile out and about and teaches you to be savvy with your mobile data so you can make the most of the… Read More »

Best way to Locate a Lost Cell Phone

Losing a cell phone would be the last thing that anyone has ever imagined, even in his dreams. But the most unthinkable incident can happen anytime with you: so you must have a lost phone tracker installed in your expensive phone. By far this is the best way to locate a cell phone.  Nowadays phones are not only… Read More »

How to Increase Traffic from Reddit?

Reddit Marketing That’s what you need in order to make money blogging. If your blog doesn’t pull off enough traffic, you will struggle to pay your bills. Fortunately, traffic sources are infinite. If you dedicate time to learn current SEO trends, you can attract organic traffic, which has the highest conversion rate. And, you can work on paid… Read More »

Tips To Increase Your Blog/Website Traffic

Is Your Blog/Website Getting Traffic .? No , How to Get Traffic to Your Blog..? What did i do Wrong in Getting traffic to My Blog.These are the Questions asked by Every New Blogger to his Referrals or Other Senior Bloggers.Though we do very well with Our Blog But we May Fail to Get Drive Traffic to Our … Read More »

Tips To Improve Alexa Rank Of Your Blog/Website

Tips to improve Alexa Rank– Hello, Every one are aware of Google Page Rank.Every blogger want his Blog to be with Good Page Rank and with Good Reputation  in Blogging Field.Apart From Google Page Rank every will be discussing about Alex Rankings. Thinking about Alex..? Don’t get confused You have read correctly I am speaking about Alex Traffic… Read More »

Free Download and Install WhatsApp Messenger For PC or Laptop

How to Download  and Use What app on PC and Laptop : Step 1: Download Bluestack and choose the required Operating system which you want to use what app. Step 2: After download Bluestacks install it in your PC or Laptop by Double clicking on it. Step 3: After successful Installation open your Bluestack software and there you… Read More »

How to generate robots.txt for blogspot blogger

Google now lets you edit your robot.txt file to blogger. What are Robots.txt files, robots files are plain text files which instruct the search engines what to not index. Follow the steps : 1) Log-in to your blogger account. 2) Go to your blog. 3) Now go to “Settings>Search Preferences” 4) Under the “Crawlers and indexing” you can… Read More »

Top 6 Smartphone Apps for MBA Students

If you’re an MBA student, you probably already know this world is changing drastically. Just reading books won’t get you anywhere right now. And specially with the kind of competition that the world has these days, you just have to rely on other, more modern means of educating, and organising yourself. This world has been so automated that you just… Read More »

Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker Review

Nowadays, everyone is conscious about his/her health. Everyone is tracking his fitness exercises with the help of smart bands, also know as Fitness tracker bands. These bands are known for tracking of your health and exercise data, so you know how much progress you are doing. One such amazing fitness tracker band is launched by Xiaominamed as Mi… Read More »

Software That Will Speed Up Your Computer

As you know, you have to be very careful when downloading and using software that claims to scan for viruses, or claims to speed up your computer. They are almost always loaded with viruses, malware, and security holes that allow hackers to sneak into your systems. In a time when fibre broadband is making Internet speed deliriously fast,… Read More »