How to Edit PDF Files without Adobe Acrobat

The PDF file format was originally created by Adobe in the early ’90s and it now the most popular format for exchanging all sorts of documents including presentations, CAD Drawings, invoices, government forms and other legal documents. There are several reasons why PDF file format is so popular. PDFs are generally more compact (smaller in size) than the… Read More »

How To Change Your YouTube Account URL?

Are you stuck with your YouTube account URL you picked long ago that doesn’t quite capture the essence of what you do anymore? Despair not, for YouTube is giving you a way out. You can now get a new custom URL that’s more befitting of your brand. This is definitely better than opening up a brand new channel,… Read More »

How To Post On Instagram From The Web?

According to a latest study by the Pew Research Internet Project, Instagram is now the fastest growing social network. Somehow Instagram has managed to find the right balance between social sharing, and social interaction. The result is a place that is growing in both capabilities and popularity, and drawing more and more non-conventional users to it. This makes… Read More »

How Snapchat Can Be Used To Grow Your Audience?

Snapchat is an exciting new social media platform through which people can send photos and short videos to each other. We recently talked about some of the ways you canmarket your brand on Snapchat. One problem for brands was, reaching out to their potential customers. Pulling contact numbers out of your marketing list was less than desirable. With… Read More »

How To Embed Twitter-Hosted Videos On Your Website?

Following along the same lines as Facebook, Twitter recently announced a video-hosting feature that lets you capture and upload videos using official Twitter apps without having to upload them first on a third-party service such as YouTube. This was indeed a welcome feature, and in sharp contrast to how Twitter had been predominantly text-based and monotonous in the… Read More »

iPhone 7 Plus review

PROS Stunning battery life Excellent camera performance Attractive matte black finish Lightning fast performance Stereo speakers Worry-free water resistance Bright and vivid display Ample internal storage options CONS Top and bottom bezels are large No fast or wireless charging Similar to how the Galaxy S7 Edge perfected the design and features of the Galaxy S6 Edge, the new… Read More »

Big Data Developer Salaries

Today’s digital universe of data is constantly growing, from 4.4 zettabytes today to around 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes in the coming years. By the year 2020, one-third of data will be passing through cloud services. This has started a race in both small and large business owners, a race to dominate big data constraints. These days… Read More »

Secrets to Developing a App

 Secrets to Developing a App (and Keeping it That Way)     It’s no secret that mobile Apps have become one of the most important and central parts of our everyday lives.  At the dawn of the app boom, the catchphrase “There’s an app for that” was used almost jokingly to highlight how all-pervasive apps had become. These… Read More »

Tips to Make Your Windows XP Genuine

If your Windows XP is not genuine and you want to make it genuine then the following are 3 different methods you can apply to activate it. All the methods mentioned here are completely Free and you don’t need to complete any offer, pay for third party softwares or enter your email to make your Window XP genuine.… Read More »