How To Install MGID Widget On Blogger/WordPress (Traffic Exchange Theory)

!!! Don’t forget to backup your blog before making any changes !!! Entire process takes just a few minutes on Blogger platforms. All you need to do is openDesign – Page Elements panel and add a new Java/HTML Gadget. Paste the received code in it and place Gadget wherever you want (but remember our recommendations regarding the placement).… Read More »

5 Best Free Printed Circuit Board Software

This article to discuss the 5 Best Free PCB configuration software’s in the business sector today. Before relatively few years, PCBs used to be composed physically with the assistance of a photographic cover on a Mylar sheet. Schematic circuit used to be drawn on a plain paper   The solder parts used to be laid out on the… Read More »

How MGID Traffic Exchange Increased My Blog Traffic by 55%

For a blog the most important thing is Traffic and different ways can be use to drive traffic to a blog. I have tried lots of ways to increase my blog traffic, for example search engine optimization, social bookmarking, voting websites etc, all contributed in traffic generation for TechManish, but just a few months ago i started with… Read More »

9 Reasons why you should have a Blog for Your Business

For a person who is in this industry for quite some time now, it pains me to note how often business owners forget the importance of Internet. Most of the business owners are of the view that, for the growth of their business, an active online presence is not a prerequisite. They think that online dealing could never… Read More »

The Benefits of Hosting Your Website on a Dedicated Server

Buying a new hosting plan may be difficult for people who are less experienced with different types of servers. Most hosting companies generally offer cheap hosting plans that start from as little as £10. These are extremely popular amongst website owners who are launching their sites for the first time. The hosting company generally uses a shared hosting… Read More »