Top Smartphones expected to launch in this month of january

New Smartphones expected launch this month As the last year was great year as related to smartphones and new gadgets, previous year was a evolution in the respect of technology field. With the start of new year 2018, it is expected that there will be some great news in the prospect of smart phones. Last year some mobile… Read More »

How to get paid Android apps for free on your Android phone

Now get free paid apps for your Android phones We all love Android application but more then that we love free paid Android apps. Have you ever imagined when we see any tags of free we just come excited and in other word we can say the free tag have became a symbol of happiness for we humans.… Read More »

Ultimate Guide- Now factory reset iPhone without password

Now you can reset iPhone without password Everyone have there own reason to keep privacy in their phone. Mainly a person keep password as just because of security reason but if some time you by mistake forgot the password, then you have only the option to factory data reset iPhone.   So, by this you can start your… Read More »

World’s biggest battery is ready to plant in South Australia

CHARGED AND READY : TESLA WORLD’S BIGGEST BATTERY World’s biggest battery : Now south Australia will be fully charged up with new Elon Musk’s giant lithium -ion battery, which will be delivered with in the 60 days of after the announcement of contract  . It will easily beat the promise that the $50 million battery would be “installed and… Read More »

UNBELIEVABLY !! Russia wants to build a Space luxury hotel

Very soon Russia will build a luxury hotel in space There may be some of our dreams that we think is not possible for every one to fulfill, but now the dreams may come true in future. Many of our’s dream is once to visit space how did it look like. Don’t worry  very soon in future you… Read More »

Know how you can run Android apps on Google chrome

Now you can run Android apps on Chrome browser You will be amazed to know that now you can run any Android app on your Chrome browser, Google had launched a tool called ARC WELDER, which is specially designed to let developer test their Android application in the Chrome browser by which the developer can port the  Chrome… Read More »

Now update your smart phones to the latest Android 8.0 ( OREO )

UPDATE YOUR ANDROID PHONE TO 8.0 OREO Android 8.0 is the latest version of android, it was released on August 21 of this year. It was the most updated version of Android. It is available in some of the smart phones like NEXUS, HTC, ONE PLUS and some others. If you are thinking, we have oldest version android… Read More »

If you want to be a photographer then you should try this.

THREE NEW APPS LAUNCHED BY GOOGLE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY APPS. If you have hidden talent of photography you should one of these three apps, all the three apps are perfect for you specially launched photography by Google . Now you can explore the wold with your hidden talent by this Photography apps, even if you are not professional you… Read More »

Sony A7R III Can Capture Any thing you throw towards it

Sony’s new mirror-less camera can capture any thing that you throw towards it. You must have some knowledge about Sony’s cameras and about quality of images that they capture. The new Sony A7R III camera are very vulnerable with its features as it has mirror less type of effect and  and also have high sensor which help to… Read More »