Gaming world : GAMES THAT YOU CAN’T WAIT UP TO 2018

 Gaming world :   All the game consoles like Nintendo switch and Xbox one X, this year they don’t have a fantastic year as a gaming prospect. But how ever the gaming bench is waiting for the coming new year, it can be probably said the coming year will have a magnificent year, as per as gaming prospect,… Read More »

Learn how to restore your file after permanent delete

NOW YOU CAN RESTORE  YOUR DELETED FILE EVEN IF YOU HAVE  DELETED IT PERMANENTLY Now you can restore your delete file, whenever we create any document it is very important to backup it. Many times we creates very important official files and we save all the files in the folder. As we are human beings and we human… Read More »

web hosting companies to start small business | best five |

BEST FIVE WEB HOSTING COMPANIES FOR SMALL BUSINESS Web hosting ,this may be in your mind.If you have a website which doesn’t mean that you are in a right way towards your goal and your website is sufficient enough to be good SEO ranking.   To make a good website you need to have a good web host… Read More »

5 programs that your personal computer must have

5  PROGRAMS THAT YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER MUST HAVE There are some programs without  that your personal computer is just a bin . Your computer must have that much of things that you can do your basic work . Yes, there are  many such programs and software that can confuse you, but don’t worry here you can know what basic programs… Read More »

What if you forget your pasword !!!!!!!! || shit what to do ||

DO YOU HAVE LOST OR FORGOTTEN YOUR PASWORD By mistake if you have forgotten your password of your widow , so what to do ??? If there is any such problem  of password then is other way by which you can again run your pc with out password. Below there are  following steps by  which you can again… Read More »

NASA claims its new Mars mission : could be three year long

NASA STARTED ITS NEW MISSION  THAT COULD LAST FOR THREE YEAR OR EVEN MORE.   NASA has claimed to start a mission to mars which could last for there years or more that  they are in  research. How much time a human body stay in space and without any harm on human  body. NASA is trying to thing… Read More »