Now you can upgrade your PC’s RAM | LEARN HOW |

HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR PC’s RAM I think you all have heard about RAM and how much importance did it play in your PC’s, It means Random Access Memory . It is one of the main factor for running of the computer, the world is too fast and all are competitive of your’s so you also need to… Read More »

No Apple Or Samsung || But You Will Choose Vivo ||

WORLDS FIRST SCREEN SENSOR FINGER PRINT SMART PHONE You must be in socked that is written here  for vivo, why should we don’t choose Apple or Samsung . The Chinese brand is now going to bring a new evolution in the field of technology. the unique feature that even the Apple does’t have , the world’s first ever… Read More »

know in which country whats app cannot share data with facebook??

France restricts to share data from whats app to face book France has given a notice to the giant company whats app to stop sharing data from Facebook. the chair person of the national data protection commission (CNIL) had suggested whats app to give a new sample of data transfer to face book .       But… Read More »


Now you will get a warning  from twitter before || hate images ||   San Francisco : Twitter inc said on Monday, it would be a warning for them who see pictures with Nazi Swastikas and other things which represent hateful images . Twitter also has new policies that ban users who are the face of organisation the… Read More »

You will have to pay new charges for mobile number portability

TRAI IS PLANNING TO TAKE LESS CHARGES ON MOBILE NUMBER   NEW DELHI : The telecom regularity authority of India (TRAI). Being the telecom regulator have discussed to take less charges on mobile number portability from Rs. 4 to Rs. 19 . In a statement  TRAI has said, that considering the upsurge of mobile number portability have been  effected… Read More »

Vivo launched it new model with 5.7 inch screen | vivo y75 |

Points to watch out :-  Much similar to vivo v75 Vivi v75 price is rs 15500 16 megapixel selfie camera It consists facial unlocking features called FACE WAKE.   Why vivo ? Nowadays vivo smart phones is one of the best and trusted product. Vivo has launched a new smart phones  vivo Y75 which is much similar to… Read More »


Vivo camera and music phones Who don’t know about Vivo phones !! nowadays selfie, clicking pics and listening music  is one of our daily tasks, Vivo camera and music smart phones are specially featured for this factor and we all know about its smoothness and accuracy. Vivo has launched its new smartphone with model name Y66, It structure… Read More »

The search giants google has added new features on vacation trips

Google flights, trips and hotels get new features. Google has added new features on its search engine , user who are going on holiday vacation can get best deals on flight,hotels and much more .Google has updated its online flight ticketing platform and it will also give best offer for best trips and they will update the flight… Read More »


  Now message any  one without any fear. whenever we use whats app messenger we have fear or problem that whether  some one is seeing you online either your family member ,you have much fear that if you will be online at night then your guardian may create problem for you , what to do ? is there… Read More »


THE NEW ZIP MOBILE PRINTER     Technology is the future ,and we don’t have enough time to spend on rare things as every single person in the  world  is your competitive , so you’ll have to be faster then your self . We mainly spent lots of time in buying and using gadgets,nowadays we all need fast… Read More »