20 thoughts on “Pakistan on India, indian technology very big and ISRO lanch

  1. M.R.Chandrashekara gupta

    INDIA SUSU KAREGA to pakistan BAHJAAYEGA. Said by some one else.

  2. Shailesh Ladwa

    Why would Bharat be interested in Pakistan? Pakis have not learnt in almost 70 years how to behave with the neighbouring nations so,why would Bharat have compulsion to improve any kind of relations with a nation that is complete Bigot.Pakistan cannot educate and feed 60% of their poor population,cannot do anything that would convince any sensible leader in the world that they have anything to offer to humanity. Yeh sab chuntyo ki jamaat hai aur hum Bharatiya Log Gavrav se jeete hai…Jai Hind!!!!

  3. reality

    jitne ka pakistan he utne ke missli bna kar tho ham asman me uda dete he zhat ke zingo

  4. Skysdh prm

    mere loude par pakistan jhook kar bheekh maango tab sochenge tum logo par muta jaaye ki nhi

  5. Manu Thakur

    stupid paki "differential" nahi "difference".
    aise padhe likhe hote Pakistan me??

  6. ajaya kumar Singh

    Everything is big and great India, whether u accept it or not does never matter. In no given point of of time Pakistan was never a compulsion for India and will never be. Don't rate yourself as something useful. The whole world knows, That Pakistan is a big problem. Now only planning to be made to eradicate u. U don't have any role nationally or internationally. U r a DISATERLY DISFUNCTIONAL COUNTRY,which create and nurture TERRORISTS.

  7. sagar kambalcha

    Pakis sirf battein C**dne mein busy hein 70 saal se India kaha se kaha pauch gaya pakis sirf apne desh mein bomb fodne mein busy anpad…jaahil…burnol lagao…bhik mangooo

  8. The dark knight RISES

    Indian isro wants to get minerals from Moon… pakis search for moon to appear in sky to break roza

  9. munya swamy

    when india sent rockets to moon pakistan send rockets to its own people. better dont fuckin compare with india.

  10. Vishal K

    Yeh ek aur pagal hai jisne paki logoon ko pagal banane ka dhanda kar rakha hai.. He sells that "divide people" mentality… Pakis ko India se darao, bhadkao… aur apna consultant ka dhandha badiya set karo.. Andhoon mein kana raja…

  11. robins 45 kanhaiya des ko gumrah kar raha hai

    Allahu………….. Fuckber………..

  12. robins 45 kanhaiya des ko gumrah kar raha hai

    Pakistanis are Terrorist…
    India Hates Porkistan…


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