Pakistani pak media On India latest praising indian government solar Sweden technology vs China

By | 28th July 2017
Pakistani pak media On India latest praising indian government solar Sweden technology vs China

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14 thoughts on “Pakistani pak media On India latest praising indian government solar Sweden technology vs China

  1. Piyush Prakash

    Lets Understand Pakistan

    Pakistan is a nation which at its helm of Leadership sits a Corrupt and Characterless Army General and a Prime Minister ( Refer to Pakistan News and International News for complete details) Followed by a Poor Economic situation,Illiterate People and with History and Religion being taught in a distorted manner in there schoolbooks and a place which Produces highest amount of Drugs and where the other Criminal Activities goes on without any difficulty it is considered ordinary way of living there they abuse each other and international community in their own dialect which shows there culture and then on top there is no rules or laws ever made and if made never implemented and followed at this backdrop there is no wonder that Pakistan is Pakistani Army has people in there Army who are Trained Terrorists and Psychopaths this lays a solid foundation for a country which can be termed as a Banana Republic or a Nation More dangerous then Syria.

    Now at this backdrop this is obvious that they would see all other people of rest of the world and their honourable Militaries as the terrorists and they would choose people and Nationalities to target as per there convenience.

    The country which claims to be Muslim and follower of Islamist Religion ( In fact it is a nation which is an insult to all Islamic Countries around the world) it follows this religion to hoodwink and fool Islamic Nations to sympathise with them and to make huge donations so that they help the poor people fill there stomach so that they can kill people and live in misery and cause misery to people of other nations the evidence of this can be found in the bombings carried out by Pakistani Army officer Osama Bin laden followed by attacks in Manhattan, Mumbai, Paris and Kargil to name a few.

    So In Essence Pakistan is Nothing but a Gutter of the world filled with Psychopaths having no religion and a danger to world peace.

  2. shyamal mahato

    madhar chod log ke samajh me nahi ayega……………………………………….chinese ke ghand chat

  3. deep1146

    Chinese goods and machinery is available at throw away prices as compared to machinery from other countries, the reason being the machinery is substandard and the life span is not guaranteed it may collapse within a day or may be 6 months or say 2/3 years. They have sold their electricity generating plants at much higher costs. the same chinese plant can be purchased in India for 25% of the cost… Pakistan has been fooled by the dragon or and shared the booty with Nawaz Sharif and the Military…

  4. हिंदुस्तान का हिंदु

    पाकि सरकार को तरक्की नही चाहिए । तुम सब को वो जिहादी बनाना चाहते है । और तुम भी उसी लायक हो अनपड़ गवार चुतिये ।

    डेविलेपमेंट कि बात तुम्हारे मुँह से अच्छी नही लगती जाओ बंद करो ये चैनल और जाके बोंम्ब बनाओ जाऔ ।

  5. Bhuvnesh Wadhwa

    It would
    be acceptable from an Indian perspective (we were against the partition
    of our country in the first place), but I don't think Pakistanis will
    accept it.

    Most Pakistanis believe in the "two nation theory" of
    Jinnah that essentially says Hindus and Muslims are distinct entities
    with the need for separate nation. Given the somewhat frequent
    Hindu-Muslim clashes in our country, Pakistanis might feel vindicated by
    their stand.

    However, I don't believe that the two nation theory is correct:
    split itself from Pakistan in 1971, although both regions had
    predominantly Muslim population. More than the religion bonding, it is
    regional and linguistic bonding that ties the subcontinent together.India's
    Muslim population is as much as Pakistan's. That means more than 100
    million Indian muslims have voted with their feet against the two-nation
    theory by choosing to stay in India.The development indicators
    of Muslims in Pakistan are no better than the muslims in India. So, the
    reason for the backwardness of the subcontinent has little to do with
    religion bias, but more to do with the social factors.
    But We can Unite Again, Its all depend on us, not Depend upon British Govt.
    Be Positive, Think Positive, Do Positive
    Spiritual Power is One, Truth is One,
    We are One

    Plz Share
    Thank YOU!!!

  6. sonu kumar

    You Pakistani are jealous of India's progress & hence use to accuse India out of your frustration. Shame on you.


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