Photoshop Website Design Tutorial – Stylish Portfolio With Grain Texture

By | 26th July 2017
Photoshop Website Design Tutorial – Stylish Portfolio With Grain Texture

Hey everyone. Today’s tutorial we are going to make a stylish portfolio website design in Adobe Photoshop. Web design is based on a mix of dark gray color and texture film grain to create a stylish and elegant website. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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20 thoughts on “Photoshop Website Design Tutorial – Stylish Portfolio With Grain Texture

  1. J Belle

    So how did you make that colume grain like that ? And what's the meaning for every line?

  2. Abalabal

    You just design?how to make that design work on website that is another people job?

  3. Gunbardo

    I dun get why designers still make a 1 image artist impression of a website… I mean, when they pass over the psd files to us coders, we still have to save the images in it's layers, which the designer could have done, not us, we do le binary, not le jpeg…

  4. B-talk TV always on

    wow is that what I'm thinking about a website designer

  5. Jay McD

    If this is 'uncodable' I'm sorry but its a waste of time watching you, I respect your effort and talent but the title's misleading.

  6. Philip Caceres

    since it is in a 12 column grid im guessing it is better to use bootstrap

  7. jjonalim

    what's the function of the grid when you're not aligning with it?

  8. StudioGardibald

    Tried it and it was very helpful and understandable. Thanks.

  9. delbert Edmund

    Nice video, but I got stuck along the way and my site didn't look as good as yours. In the end I just went with the free service from instant webdesigner. Vix is also good, although it's only for personal use not for clients.

  10. Shandy Saputra

    software Photoshop versi berapa yang kamu gunakan ??

    please information software Photoshop version how much do you use ??


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