How to print from android phone

By | 1st November 2016

Many people find the need to print a webpage or something sent to their cell phone but most have no idea how this is done.  While simple on your computer by using File and then Print, how do you print on Android?  Here are some easy way to get a hard copy of what you want from your phone.


Google has a free feature that lets you print using the Cloud.  Using this link – – you can easily print from your Android based phone. There is some configuration you need to do on a computer.  Opening this website gives you a choice of using your own printer or a Cloud based printer.

To connect to a cloud printer, follow the steps given on the Google website:


  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. In a new tab, open chrome://devices
  3. You should find your printer listed under “My devices.”

Android device

  1. Open Settings 
  2. Under “System,” select Printing> Cloud Print.
  3. Click Options 
  4. Select Add Printer.

Forclassic  printers, follow these steps:

Then, follow the steps below to enable the Google Cloud Print connector:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. In a new tab, open chrome://devices
  3. You’ll see a list of devices already registered with Google Cloud Print, and new devices available on the network.
  4. Under “Classic printers,” click Add printers.
  5. You’ll see a confirmation that Google Cloud Print has been enabled. To learn more, click Manage your printers.

The final step is to grab the Android application for Google Cloud

The Android app must be using the same Google account as found on the PC you used to configure it.  To use this printing, just select the Share icon (…) and select Cloud Printing!  Why not learn about the history of the Samsung Galaxy phone when done with this article?

We hope you have enjoyed this article helping users on how to print from their android phone.

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