RailYatri App: Get food at your seat when you book your ticket

By | 10th October 2016

Convenience is something which is desired by one and all. Technology has turned us into one lazy lot and honestly we are loving it. At the present moment everything is within our reach and companies are doing anything to keep us with them. Keeping this in mind India’s favorite RailYatri App has decided to take a step further.

Its been said that o win a person’s heart the easiest way is through the stomach. RailYatri has cashed on it and have decided to deliver food in train. Yes you’ve heard me right!! They are now associated with food service providers like Travel Khana and Yatra Chef.

RailYatri App review

In case you have yet now downloaded the app then I guess this is a wonderful reason to do it right now. I have used the app twice and honestly I am very much impressed with it. It is user friendly and serves as a one stop shop for everything you need when travelling by train. At the initial phase the app wasn’t that robust but they have surely come up a long long way.

Food Delivery in Train by RailYatri app is simple. All you have to do is simply enter the PNR number and you will get the food options. However if you want to check the same using the train number and name simply enter either of the information and you will get all the options.

I’ve reviewed the app before as well and as mentioned they have come a long way from where they started. There aren’t much companies in India which help you order food in train and this is the catching point of RailYatri App. They have completely eliminated the disturbance caused by different food vendors and have also maintained the hygiene of food being served.

So what are you waiting for now? Go ahead open up the Play Store or Apple Store and simply download>>> Book Tickets>>> Order food at your seat.

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