Reasons why your AdSense Application was Rejected

By | 5th October 2016

For many years Google AdSense has top the charts of #1 income earner for many publishers of small and medium range all over the world.

Application Details

The details by which you apply for AdSense must be correct and complete. The name that you provide during signup would be your Payee Name and the payment would be received in checks if you reach the minimum eligibility criteria on the Payee Name and address. So you need to make sure that you should have the correct name as that which is showing in the bank account that you have. The same thing goes with address that you provide. To this address, the AdSense team wills courier your check from time to time. However you can edit your address but not the Payee name.

During Signup you should also provide the website URL. The URL looks like or . Your website URL must be correct because AdSense team reviews your website in accordance with their policy. The AdSense team also checks for the type of content you have and it must follow their guidelines mentioned in policy agreement. If you have typed the wrong URL or your site doesn’t exist then it’s likely that your application would be rejected since they can’t access your site.

So it’s left to the publishers to double-check your application before your click on the submit button, because once you have submitted you can’t edit it. Now once you have submitted your application it can take 4 to 7 working days for them to review it and at that point you can edit your application to correct any errors and then resubmit it.

Content Issues

Whenever AdSense rejects an application they sent you a mail explaining the reason what is caused for the rejection. As the AdSense policy says AdSense publishers can’t place ads on pages with copyright content unless you have legal rights to do so. So the AdSense Team is quick in rejecting those applications straightaway when publishers apply. So if your site isunique content which is not published anywhere then your application will be approved or else it would be hard chance.

Once again if your account is rejected for content issues, AdSense Team would be clearly mentioning it in the email that you have received in your mailbox. Read the email carefully.

Domain Ownership Issues

According to the rules of AdSense, publisher’s website whois details should be matching with the Payee Name that you mention during the application. If that doesn’t matches then AdSense team would clearly mention about this problem in the mail which that they communicate with you. This is not the AdSense rejection but its a step before you can proceed with your AdSense Account. If AdSense team ask for this then that is must for you to verify domain ownership by mentioning it in a page in your site.

Page Type

Page type issues maybe of anything of content that is not acceptable according to the AdSense policies. Most of the applications are rejected because the site with which you apply has one post or too little content. It’s beginning for you but it’s not enough for you to satisfy advertisers and so not enough to satisfy AdSense.

For major areas in the world, AdSense has set up minimum domain age eligibility, i.e., your site should be at least 6 months old which means that your blog should be operation and have content for at least 6 months. So if start a blog in January with one post and wait for six months your account will probably not be approved. Also provided that your blog should be interesting to read and helpful for the people.

All the content present in your site should adhere the policies mentioned by AdSense.

Poor Navigation Issues

Poor navigation in your website or blog can be an issue too. Website having navigation or menu buttons that don’t link to any webpage or links to a broken menu links can create an issue.

Flash navigation are difficult for the Google bots to follow so it’s advised to use less flash and more text links.

Under Construction Sites

For most of the reason people apply for AdSense with Under Construction page for this site. This is not at all acceptable by Google in any case for the approval of AdSense. If you apply for a site with Under Construction Page then your application is subjected to rejection straightaway.

So make sure that you don’t have Under Construction page when you are applying as a publishers.


AdSense only supports few languages which are widely spoken which are mentioned atAdSense Supported Languages. If your website is rejected for non-supported language then you can’t do anything.

So getting an AdSense account is not that easy as you think. For further information why your AdSense was rejected or still have anything, then check out our guide on AdSense FAQs.

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