how to register a company or firm in india Step by step procedure

By | 24th October 2017
how to register a company

What is a private limited company ? 
Two or more people get together to start a private limited company
The company is independent of the founders
The founder are only liable to the amount they have invested
Even if the founders leave, new people can enter and take charge

What are the documents required for private limited company registration ?

Identity proof of each founder(passport/voter id/driving license)
Address proof of each founder(Electricity bill/phone bill)
Pan card of each founder
Passport sized photographs of each founder
we’ll share a document with you just print , sign, scan & send it back, each proof should be self attested

How do i submit the documents ?
Scan & send the documents by email
If scanning is difficult, we have a free document pick-up from your doorstep
Just fill our simple form and let us know when you would like us to pick up the documents

Steps for incorporation – This is a 4-step process

Step 1 – Getting your digital signature ( takes 3-4 days)
Step 2 – Getting a unique number called a DIN number. It’s mandatory for every director to get one.(Takes 1 Day)
Step 3 – Choosing a name for your company (takes 10-15 days)
Step 4 – Get your certificate of incorporation. (Additional document needed here – Takes 10-15 days)

Choosing a name for you company

This is a little tricky

Company name – unique and descriptive

Step : The unique name

you can “create” this unique name like

Information + Systems = infosys
Federal + Express = FedEx

Avoid adjectives & generic names

Try not to call it “best software” or “National software”

They will be rejected

Step 2: The descriptive name

Describe what your business does for example

if you company’s unique name is ‘acme’ call it Acme software Services Pvt. Ltd’.

not ‘Acme Services Pvt. Ltd’

Brand name can be different from a company name is a brand name

Info Edge India Pvt Ltd is the company’s name

Is it expensive to start a private limited company ?

Just Rs. 6999 + Govt., Fees –

There are 5 types of companies that can be registered in India

  • Sole Proprietorship Company
  • Partnership Company
  • One Person Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Private Limited Company

One Person Company

One Person Company is the improvement over Sole Proprietorship firm which gives complete control to one founder and gives a benefit of Limited Liability to the founder.

OPC is registered with Registrar of Companies (RoC) under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)

one person company

Limited Liability Partnership

LLP is a significant improvement on Partnership firms, which give Limited Liability to the Partners involved and also it has lesser compliances compared to a Pvt Ltd Company since the working of an LLP is solely dependent on the Partnership deed that is drafted between the partners and is filed with RoC.


The step by step procedure of how to register a startup pvt ltd company / firm in india from year 2017 

The Main Steps in company Registration:

• Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from MCA approved Agency.

• Acquiring Director Identification Number (DIN)

• New user registration & Fill Online application on MCA Official Website.

• Upload the asked documents on MCA Website.

• Make the Payment of Fee on MCA Website.

• Search, Find & submit approval request of your Company Name as per MCA Guidelines.

• Company Office Space & Address & Original document verification by MCA Official.

• Obtain your Company Registration Certificate from MCA Office.

• Complete the Formalities like –

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