Responsive Web Design: Navigation

By | 4th September 2017
Responsive Web Design: Navigation

Responsive Web Design: Navigation

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20 thoughts on “Responsive Web Design: Navigation

  1. Diogo Lopes

    Menu didn't work here.
    I use one class in nav, ul and li tags, could this be a problem? I already tried removing ul's class.

  2. Bxxty

    Thank you very much for the video. The only problem i seemed to run into was the menu not showing up after the "showing" class was toggled. After trouble shooting it hit me that it could be very easily fixed by adding "!important" to the max-height within the "showing" class. For whatever reason the class was not overriding the initial max-height of "0" but after adding "!important" everything is working as intended.
    .showing {
    max-height: 20em !important;

  3. Kavya Sree

    all css styles are not applied to the webpage but this video tutorial is very clear and easy to understand.may i know the reason for the problem

  4. Med Ouzanou

    thx , can u explain to me why we use nav ul li{} and not li{} directly ?

  5. Lewis Wilson

    sweet and simple, leaves it open for customisation. What about adding in a submenu for one link any guidance? This is where nobody online has really covered. Both responsive and sub links in a simple nav. any help would be appreciated

  6. Joshua Siuagan

    How can i have the same transition without using the google jquery library i'm using a external js so all of my function is there so how can i do it?

  7. Seba M

    Nice Video, helped me a lot, keep it up.

    But i have one question.
    If i open up my navigation bar, it puts itself over the text or whatever is on the website. What i want to have, is that it pushes the text down, like your lorem ipsum text.
    Any ideas ?

  8. Roberto Murillo

    Where the hell is the meta viewport? Why you didn't specify it into the head tag?

  9. Maximus the Great

    can i download sublime text on windows?
    i have notepad ++ but this text editor seems amazing

  10. Caroline Fitall

    ok got that to work. now when i go to mobile and close the menu as soon as i bring the screen size out to full the menu disappears.. why is this?

  11. Caroline Fitall

    great video!
    one thing thoug.. as soon as i go to mobile the menu is already open.. you can close it but how do you get it to just show 'menu' when you go down to mobile?


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