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By | 19th August 2017

This video I’ve got myself a Build Your Own Mechanical Robot Arm kit! Great fun!
My d.i.y hydraulic arm!-
This arm-

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20 thoughts on “Robotic Arm Kit – Gadgets Review Geek

  1. Ehgland

    love it, if you wanted to you could put this in to a submarine & it could work with just a bit more work on it.

  2. pishi me

    hi i wander if the battery is chargeable & if not how long last one set of battery if you play with ? i want buy one for 10 years boy but i know the parents are not happy to spend tomuch money for battrys ;(

  3. CyanideAppleGames

    Hi, recently got this but I have lost the instructions! Do you know where I could get a PDF copy or something?

  4. Aidan Allen

    When you're playing Factorio and your electricity fails so the inserters move super slow.

  5. TheRavenGaming

    Hey that's odd my sister got one of these today as a birthday present and yours and hers have different packaging hmmmmm

  6. GhostXoP

    What engineering did you do? You followed instructions, and put together what an engineer had designed.

  7. DargoDog

    Cool review!!! Seems like it should be easy to convert this to RC using an eight-channel stick radio and a few small motor controllers. Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. TopKek H3H3

    I got this for Christmas and the first time I made it I was VERY disappointed because the controller didn't work. I did however get a replacement and it worked fine the second time.

    It isn't very strong tho… it can't grasp a plastic bottle properly

  9. Theo_dav_ #1

    Can i give my robot to you to build it because the part with the four piecies in the start of the instructions is very difficult to me.

  10. Alan CJMG Morales

    i got the exact same robot arm kit but mine was from steren


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