UNBELIEVABLY !! Russia wants to build a Space luxury hotel

By | 30th December 2017

Very soon Russia will build a luxury hotel in space

There may be some of our dreams that we think is not possible for every one to fulfill, but now the dreams may come true in future. Many of our’s dream is once to visit space how did it look like. Don’t worry  very soon in future you may live your dream, the time has come because Russia is planning to built a Space luxury hotel .



Many of the space organisation is thinking on  Space Tourism  including Space X, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic have expressed interest in space tourism.

These organisation is planning to visit the passengers to space once in there life .

Russia have also planned the infrastructure of that particular Space luxary hotel which could be consists of  a 20-ton, 15.5-meter-long module with 92 cubic meters of pressurized space and could be attached to the space station .


Space luxary hotel


This project may completed up to 2028

It will be not possible for every person to go and tour the space because fare may be to expensive ,A trip lasting up to two weeks would sell for a whopping $40 million per person. For an additional $20 million.

But if you really passionate  about tour and if you looking for a five star space adventure surely, you can no one can stop you to live your dream


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