Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On Review

By | 11th October 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Hands-On Review

Today in New York City, Samsung unveiled its best phone ever. The Galaxy S8 is straight out of the future with a borderless display, iris scanner, a built-in personal assistant called Bixby, and a new feature called DeX that transforms the S8 into a desktop computer.


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20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On Review

  1. DisgruntledMarinersFan

    i switched from apple to the s8 plus. Amazing phone and it comes with a really nice pair of headphones.

  2. Sierra Wispitt

    I'm sooo depressed i want to get this phone but I don't have enough money 😔

  3. manuel fruto

    Hey Josh, I love the way you do your reviews. I wish you would do more unboxing. I was waiting for a Samsung S8 full unboxing and review but found none 🙁

  4. Faisal Kamal

    I didn't even know and just find out that Galaxy S8 has a unique camera features, such as (roughly) like snapchat features, but it was good and make users surprisingly had a better camera experience while they're use it! Sadly, that features it isn't available in my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Pero, maraming salamat po kuya for this posting this one! And makes me thinking, should I upgrade my S7 Edge to S8/S8+? ^_^

    Because the user interfaces of S7 Edge (after I upgrading to Android 7.0) is 'almost' identical with S8.

  5. Richard Lew

    So if I was to take a selfie, then how much would I be worth on Amazon?

  6. armando79

    Been an iphone user since 2007 – I'm not impressed with the leaks so far and that vertical camera hump is horrendous. Anyway, the S8 is BY FAR the most beautiful device out there. Apple better not drop that monstrosity if they like money. I might be switching.

  7. cool gamer

    to be honest this is the most informative video I've watched about tha galaxy s8 since the day it has been launched


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