How To Save Instagram Photos On Your Computer

By | 29th October 2016

Do you ever see another user’s Instagram photo that you want to save on your computer? Do you have some of your own photos that you’d like to keep handy? If so, you need to know the best ways to save Instagram photos on your computer. This article discusses some of the easiest ways to do this. Each method is fairly different, so try the one that suits you the most.

If you want to save your own pictures, simply go into your Instagram settings. Go to your profile, and slide the “Save Original Photos” option into the “on” setting. This will automatically save every photo you post on Instagram to a folder in your smartphone. You can then send the album or select photos to your computer via e-mail, Facebook, cloud storage, and more.  How easy is that for the best way to save instagram photos on your computer?

This same method applies to sending screenshots from your phone to your computer. You can screenshot and send Instagram posts that you and others post. However, this method will not save just the photo. It will save the entire screen of your phone. This method is fine if you simply want a picture to reference later. For example, you may want to show a cute dress to your friends. In this instance, it does not matter if you have a screenshot or the sole photo.

The two methods mentioned above work fine, but they can be kind of time-consuming. Many people view them as a hassle and would prefer an easier option. That is why applications and programs have been made specifically for downloading Instagram photos. The remainder of this post explains these programs and how you can find and use them.

If you want to save every single photo on your Instagram feed, try using an Instagram photo saving application. These programs are available for PC, Linux and Mac computers. With these types of programs, you can save several hundred photos at once. Google “Instagram photo downloader” followed by PC, Mac, or Linux depending on your computer type. You should easily find programs and tutorials showing you how to use them.

Do you simply want to save the occasional photo now and then? There are also applications and programs designed for saving a single photo. This might not be the best way to save instagram photos on your computer but does work well for some people.  You sign into the website or program using your Instagram name and password. You are then presented with options to download the photos onto your computer. Some of them have a “drag and drop” feature, but others have a simple “right click and download” feature. Use the same Google terms as above, and you should easily find all of the necessary tutorials.

Lastly, make sure to check out the legitimacy of a program or application before you use it. Make sure that it does not trigger your spam or firewall settings. Aside from this, you can use whichever method or program that you prefer. Pick one that suits you, and you can instantly and easily save any Instagram photo that you want.

We hope this article has helped you find the best way to save instagram photos on your computer.

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