Save webpage to PDF in Google Chrome

By | 22nd November 2016

Sometimes, I have to save webpages in order to retrieve information or for viewing at a later date. However, the webpages get saved in .html format which is not the best format to view later. A PDF option is better because it is easier to use. Learn how to save webpage to PDF in Google Chrome.

Save webpage to PDF in Google Chrome – How To

Open the webpage you want to save. Let it load completely.

Once the webpage has finished loading, press ctrl+p (command+p in Mac).

The print options menu will appear on your screen. You can setup your pdf according to your preferred choice for saving. (destination, pages etc)

Simplify your page options via the Simplify page options tab. (You can choose to remove all distractions from your webpage)

Click on save and the entire webpage will be saved as a pdf.

That’s it! That is how your save the webpage from Google Chrome (or any other web browser) in PDF format. Use a pdf reader software such as Foxit or Adobe reader for viewing your pdf files.

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